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List of few Project(s)/Tenders(s) related to Airport.
Project Detail More Information
Name : Terminal 2 Project - Kuwait International Airport More...
Description : Design and construction of a new Airport Terminal comprising 14 departure gates, a transit hotel, VIP and first-class lounges as well as car parking for (4,500) vehicles.
Updated : November 8, 2018
Status : Current Project

Name : Passenger Services Buildings & Roads Construction Project - Kuwait international Airport More...
Description : Construction of passenger Services Buildings and Roads.
Updated : November 7, 2018
Status : New Tender

Name : SCADA System Supply and Control Rooms Re-Preparation Works More...
Description : Design, Supply and Installation of SCADA System and Re-Preparation of Control Rooms
Updated : November 5, 2018
Status : New Tender

Name : Consultancy Services More...
Description : Provision of Consultancy Services for Construction of Kuwait International Airport Project
Updated : October 30, 2018
Status : New Tender

Name : Passenger Support Building Construction Project - Kuwait International Airport More...
Description : Design, Construction, Equipping, Completion, Furnishing, Maintenance and Commissioning of an Auxiliary Passenger Terminal, including car parks and infrastructure.
Updated : August 29, 2018
Status : Current Project

Name : Aircraft/Engine Sale More...
Description : Sale of Aircraft/Engine
Updated : August 15, 2018
Status : Completed Enquiry

Name : Helipad Lights More...
Description : Supply of Helipad Lights
Updated : August 2, 2018
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Luggage Trolleys and Porters Service Management More...
Description : Provision of Commissioning and Management Service of Luggage Trolleys and Provision of Porters Service
Updated : July 16, 2018
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Jazeera Terminal Construction Project - Kuwait International Airport More...
Description : Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to build a new terminal for Jazeera Airways with capacity to handle 1.2 million passengers annually.
Updated : April 8, 2018
Status : Completed Project

Name : Ground and Technical Services More...
Description : Provision of Ground and Technical Services
Updated : March 19, 2018
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Oxygen Concentrator & CRU-99 Monitor FMS More...
Description : Production of On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS) GGU-12 Oxygen Concentrators and CRU-99 Oxygen Monitors
Updated : March 15, 2018
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Kuwait International Airport Expansion Project More...
Description : Carrying out expansion of Kuwait International Airport involving construction of a new 710,000 square metre terminal building aimed at increasing initial capacity to handle 13 million passengers a year, with the flexibility to increase this to 25 million passengers in the next phase and an ultimate capacity of 50 million passengers a year, including extension of the existing runways, construction of a hotel, car parks and associated aprons and remote stands.
Updated : February 22, 2018
Status : Current Project

Name : Passengers Support Terminal O&M Works More...
Description : Operation, Management, Maintenance, Training, Enhancement and Service Development of Passengers New Terminal (Support Terminal) T4
Updated : February 13, 2018
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Aircraft Parking & Corridors Construction Project - Kuwait International Airport More...
Description : Construction of aircraft parking and corridors, including provision of services at an international airport.
Updated : January 23, 2018
Status : Current Project

Name : Code 4F West Runway Project - Kuwait International Airport Expansion (Phase 1) More...
Description : Design and construction of a new Code 4F west runway, extension of an existing east runway, a new air traffic control tower, parallel taxiways, access roads and other related facilities.
Updated : August 9, 2017
Status : Current Project

Name : Helicopter Services Hire More...
Description : Hiring of Helicopter Services
Updated : May 2, 2017
Status : Completed Enquiry

Name : Baggage Scanners Maintenance More...
Description : Maintenance of Baggage Scanners
Updated : April 25, 2017
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Al Mubarak Airbase Upgrade Project More...
Description : Carrying out upgrading of an Airbase comprising additional facilities such as a main operations center, hangars, training facilities, barracks, warehouses, support facilities and other infrastructure required for a fully functioning airbase.
Updated : April 12, 2017
Status : New Tender

Name : Runners More...
Description : Provision of Runners with Cars
Updated : November 8, 2016
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Passengers Luggage Packaging Services More...
Description : Provision of Passengers` Luggage Packaging Services
Updated : July 27, 2016
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Air Traffic Control Tower Maintenance More...
Description : Maintenance and Update of Air Traffic Control Tower
Updated : June 1, 2016
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Passenger Luggage Transfer Services More...
Description : Transfer of Passengers Luggage
Updated : May 24, 2016
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Aircraft Ground, Passenger and Air Cargo Handling Services More...
Description : Provision of Aircraft Ground, Passenger and Air Cargo Handling Services
Updated : April 10, 2016
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Battery Control More...
Description : Supply, Installation, Test, Operation and Provision of Technical Support and Training for the System of Battery Control
Updated : March 9, 2016
Status : Completed Tender

Name : Manpower Supply More...
Description : Provision of Manpower for Airport Airstrip
Updated : January 12, 2016
Status : Completed Tender

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