27 January, 2023

Two tourism projects being planned in Kuwait

Kuwaiti Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) announced that the company intends to develop two tourism projects on the Kuwaiti island of Failaka and the site of the entertainment city in the Doha area, west of the capital, at a total cost that may reach 500 million dinars ($1.64 billion. The company is still at the beginning of studies and putting forward ideas. The most appropriate solutions for these two giant projects to see that the Tourism Enterprises Company undertakes these projects through the assistance of the Kuwait Investment Authority, or that it participates in them with the private sector.

25 January, 2023

Work in progress for residential development main substations in Kuwait

Public Authority for Housing Welfare has announced that 871 new residential units in the South Abdullah Al-Mubarak Project were provided with electricity connection with a voltage of 132 KV. 23 substations will provide the electricity supply to these units and the connection was given before the completion of the contractual date. This work comes in line with the Foundation’s plan to deliver electricity to existing projects and plots owned by citizens. The project was completed following extensive effort and coordination with the Electricity and Water Ministry to supply electricity to these plots to help the citizens who live there. The authority will complete the operation of 47 substations which will feed electricity lines in 1,673 plots coinciding with the delivery of power by the Ministry of Electricity and Water to the two main substations (A & D). The work of the remaining stations will be completed before their contractual date on June 14, 2023.

24 January, 2023

Plans underway to build logistics cities in Kuwait

The Kuwait Ports Authority revealed that it has drawn up a plan for its development through a set of construction projects, projects for the development and expansion of its ports, the establishment of logistic cities and to increase the competitiveness of ports and raise their operational efficiency, so that the KPA can assume its appropriate position among regional and global ports alike. This plan came as a result of the country’s development plan and is also in line with the vision of the State of Kuwait.
The KPA indicated that its projects for which consulting contracts for study and design were signed are:
Contracting the tender for the provision of consultancy services for the study and design of the Naqat al-Mahboula.
Contracting the tender for the provision of consultancy services for the study and design of Naqat Al-Fintas.
Contracting the tender for the provision of consultancy services for the study, design and development of Shuwaikh Port.
Tender contract to provide consulting services for the study and design of storage areas of the Corporation and the establishment of logistic cities.
The authority stressed its vision of joining the joint efforts of the concerned government agencies to implement projects and overcoming obstacles in forming a joint government committee consisting of membership of all concerned authorities for the speed of joint coordination, and finding urgent solutions towards avoiding delays that may result in delaying the launch of these projects during the dates specified in the time programs to implement the development plan projects approved by the KPA within the framework of devoting government efforts aimed at improving the level of government services, and achieving sustainable development goals in order to achieve the public interest of the State of Kuwait.

23 January, 2023

Complexes & shopping malls to be established in Kuwait

The Ministry of Communications (MoC) is working to carve out part of the land for the ministry’s warehouses in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area for investment in order to develop its financial resources by establishing complexes and shopping malls. The Ministry of Communications has informed one of the concerned authorities to set apart a piece of the land for the ministry’s warehouses, referring to the Ministry of Finance Circular No. 5 of 2018, regarding the preparation of estimates for the budgets of ministries, government departments and subordinate institutions, and the principles and rules that should be followed in preparing them according to the budget classifications (the cash basis), which are the most important current financial and economic foundations and directives in the main lines, as mentioned in paragraph 3 of those foundations, including working to reform the economic structure, develop nonoil revenues, and revitalize the national economy.
The location of the ministry’s stores is ideal for investment in establishing commercial stores on the front of the stores overlooking the main street, which are opposite to complexes and commercial stores owned by companies or individuals, noting that the ministry decided to establish commercial stores on the side of the parallel street along the stores, which exceeds its length by 300 meters, provided that an area of 10 meters is cut out with a depth of warehouses, to construct complexes and commercial stores that are rented through public bidding or direct rental to companies or individuals wishing to rent them, and to generate additional income for the Ministry, which positively reflects in the public treasury, noting that this area is one of the desirable areas to rent, and the cost of the rent due on it is considered one of the highest areas in the State of Kuwait.

20 January, 2023

Consultancy contract signed to study renewable energy in Kuwait

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) signed a consulting contract with Worley Consulting to conduct a detailed feasibility study for the exploitation of renewable energy in its fields. This step came in accordance with the roadmap regarding the energy transition to reach net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. The electricity produced from the renewable energy stations to be established will be used to feed the company’s fields and facilities by connecting them to the national electricity grid. 

20 January, 2023

Distillation & bitumen units projects postponed in Kuwait

The Kuwait National Petroleum Company has decided to postpone the construction of the crude oil distillation unit and the bitumen production unit for two years, until the completion of a study of the possibility of extending the service of the current units for the coming years. The two projects come within the strategic directions of the refining, marketing and petrochemical sector of KPC 2030, to ensure continuous provision of this product and meet all future needs of the local market. The feasibility study for the project was carried out in two phases, the first included confirming and reviewing the results of the study conducted by the company to assess the remaining life span of the bitumen and eocene units, and reviewing and updating the study of future expectations for the demand for bitumen in the local market according to the study of the consulting company.
This is in addition to identifying and developing the necessary alternatives to achieve the requirements of the local market in the short, medium and long term. Regarding the second phase, a feasibility study for the proposed alternative and recommendations based on the results and recommendations of the first phase study, the establishment of new bitumen and eocene units according to the AMEC study, where the results of the second phase of the feasibility study were reviewed with the concerned departments of the company, and the approval of the projects committee in the company was obtained on the results of the feasibility study, in addition to the Environment Public Authority. A study of the initial engineering designs for the project has also been completed, based on the use of Kuwaiti oil for export, West Kuwait oil and Kuwaiti heavy oil, in addition to building a storage capacity for bitumen material sufficient for 30 days as a strategic stock.

17 January, 2023

Municipality to allocate 3 sites for communications data centers in Kuwait

The municipality approved the request of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority to allocate three proposed sites for data centers. The Communications and Information Technology Authority submitted a request to allocate three sites for data centers and six electrical transmission stations, and possibly electrical substations and fiber-optic lines, far from airports and flight paths and suitable from a geological point of view. The agreed three sites are in Sulaibiya Agricultural Plot 8, north of the city of South Saad Al-Abdullah, and south of Al-Mutlaa Residential City, provided that the area is 30,000 square meters, and two main electrical substations with an area of 3,000 square meters for each site. Moreover, the municipality will cooperate with the Environment Public Authority before implementation and obtain approval from the ministries of services before fixing the locations of the stations only, as well as adhering to the responses of the members of the Sub-Committee on Utilities and Services before implementation. In addition, it will authorize the administration to move and modify the dimensions of the sites and stations and their area without exceeding the areas determined for the station in case it conflicts with any existing infrastructure services or any regulatory reasons during installation.

10 January, 2023

Google Cloud selected for nationwide digital transformation in Kuwait

Google Cloud has announced a strategic alliance with the Government of Kuwait to roll out a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap across governmental entities and key state-owned enterprises. The alliance will enable the Government of Kuwait to leverage Google Cloud’s technology and expertise in data analytics, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver on its commitment to make digitisation one of its top national priorities in the coming years. As part of the strategic alliance, Google Cloud will work with the government to digitise citizen services and increase its employees’ productivity.
Additionally, both will partner to implement a number of digital transformation initiatives in healthcare, education, disaster recovery and smart living. In collaboration with the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA), the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) and the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), Google Cloud intends to set up a local office in Kuwait and invest in opening a cloud region in the country. The new cloud region will support public sector organisations, businesses and startups in their digital transformation journeys, which will contribute to realising Kuwait’s ambition to become a data-driven economy.

5 January, 2023

PMC contract awarded in Kuwait

Technip Energies announced that it has been awarded a large contract for Project Management Consultancy (PMC) by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). The five-year framework agreement contract covers front-end engineering design (FEED), project management, and associated services for KOC’s major projects. This contract represents a renewal of the first five-year framework agreement that was awarded to Technip Energies by KOC in 2014. A “large” award for Technip Energies is a contract award representing between €250 million and €500 million of revenue. As the framework agreement is call-off in nature, the overall value of the contract will be progressively added to order intake as it is called off by the client.

29 December, 2022

Sea club development project approved in Kuwait

Kuwait Municipality has approved the request of the Tourism Enterprises Company to develop the Ras Al-Ard Club, which has an area of approximately 35,265 square meters to avoid overlapping with the adjacent Ministry of Defense site. The area of the club totals 33,858 square meters after modifications are made so that the building percentage (building concentration ratio) will be 30 percent of the total site area, equivalent to an area of approximately 10157 square meters; and the percentage of commercial use will be 5 percent calculated from the total area of the plot, equivalent to 1692 square meters, which will comprise of retail shops, restaurants, and cafes only.

27 December, 2022

Consultant to be awarded for air quality monitoring contract in Kuwait

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) will soon sign a contract with an international British company to provide consulting services for the evaluation of air quality monitoring network in the country, follow up the environmental performance, and implement the executive regulations for the environment as part of the transition to environment friendly cities and to contribute to the implementation of the Smart Cities Program. 
The company received offers from various companies, indicating British company Ricardo AEA won the bidding as it offered the lowest price KD 4.7 million, out of four local and international companies that participated in the bidding. The project consists of different qualitative programs, the most important of which are the programs for verifying data of air quality stations and developing the skills of national professionals in this field.

23 December, 2022

3 tenders awarded for soil treatment in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company has awarded the last 3 tenders for soil treatment to three companies within the Kuwait Environmental Rehabilitation Program (KERP), which is considered the largest environmental rehabilitation project in the world for a total value of $460 million. The contracts are awarded to Al-Sayer Construction Company, with a value of $155 million; Al-Ghanim International, with a value of $153 million and The Contractor Trading Company, with a value of $152 million.
The company is awaiting final approvals from the Central Agency for Public Tenders, and that the company has submitted its recommendations to the authority to award the three contracts, pointing out that the company was able to make great achievements in reducing the value of the three bids to less than the estimated value, which was more than 600 million dollars. The contracts that were awarded and that are being dealt with as part of the environmental treatment program had been subject to delays during the last period, but the new executive management of the company was keen and worked to expedite the awarding of these tenders, which will have many benefits for the environment.
These projects will provide many environmental benefits, contribute to restoring the land ecosystem, and will provide future development plans, noting that the Soil Rehabilitation Group was keen, during the preparation of contracts, to ensure that they are implemented by contractors specialized in treating soil contaminated as a result of what was committed by the Iraqi invasion, explosion and burning of more than 700 wells. This is in addition to that the company is keen on the need for a local contribution in the project in order to give the opportunity to develop local expertise.

21 December, 2022

Lowest bidder announced for power & water plant privatization in Kuwait

British company Deloitte has submitted the lowest bids of 1.2 million dinars (equivalent to $3.9 million) for a transaction consulting contract related to the privatization of the North Shuaiba power and water plant. Kuwait had received bids from five international and local companies in December 2021. The British company Ernst & Young had also submitted the second lowest bid, with a value of 1.36 million dinars. Other three companies that it knew had submitted offers for the contract are Dutch KPMG, Britain’s Pricewaterhouse and Local Engineering Systems Group.
The proposed privatization program will consist of three stages, according to the owner of the project, and the initial stage includes the establishment of a Kuwaiti shareholding company that will own the assets of the plant station at the moment. As for the second stage, it covers offering a tender for the shares of the joint-stock company, in addition to the necessary rehabilitation procedures to improve the efficiency of the factory. The third and final stage covers the transfer of ownership of shares to employees and the public.

21 December, 2022

Two collection centers to open by mid-2023 in Kuwait

Kuwait Oil Company’s initial engineering and design work in two assembly centers in eastern Kuwait has been completed by 90 percent. The projects are expected to be launched in mid-2023. The tender is scheduled for implementation in accordance with the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) system. The scope of the first project includes the installation of a new facility, called the Assembly and Separation Center 1 (SGC-I) and the water injection station (WIP-I), while the scope of the second project includes the installation of a new facility called the Assembly and Separation Center 3 (SGC-III) and the water injection station (WIP-III)
Kuwait National Petroleum Company has tendered two contracts for the maintenance of the Mina Abdullah refinery, expecting the value of the mechanical contract to range between 50 and 80 million US dollars. In addition, as per the documents published by the Central Agency for Public Tenders in Kuwait, the first contract relates to mechanical maintenance services at the Mina Abdullah refinery, as the value of the initial guarantee for the project is one million dinars (USD 3.2 million).

21 December, 2022

KNPC inaugurates 5th liquefied gas pipeline in Kuwait

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) inaugurated its fifth liquefied gas pipeline with an output capacity of 805 million cubic feet per day. High production capability of the pipeline, inaugurated at Al-Ahmadi terminal, includes 106,000 barrels of condensates and liquefied gas, forecast to meet much of the domestic and external demand. The project is of paramount importance as it is linked to the KNPC 2040 main strategic goals for attaining optimum harnessing of hydrocarbon resources. Using gas for generating energy has become a favorite option globally from environmental and economic perspectives, in contrast to other fossil types of fuel, noting that gas generates, relatively, low harmful emissions. Nowadays, the world is witnessing the golden age for the natural gas industry. Therefore, the fifth liquefied gas pipeline constitutes a key part of this approach. Considering that the oil sector plays a vital role in supporting the Kuwait State economy and attaining Kuwait Vision 2035, the oil companies diligently working to secure new clean energy resources with forecast higher revenues and future sustainable growth. the KNPC CEO, affirmed that construction of the pipeline was warranted by the increasing demand.
The five-pipeline liquefied gas plant in Al-Ahmadi meets local demand for liquefied gas, co-supplies power and water stations as well as processing industries. The plant also exports derivatives such as propane and butane. For his part, the Deputy CEO at Al-Ahmadi refinery, announced the freshly inaugurated fifth line “adds 30 percent to the overall gas plant output at Al-Ahmadi refinery,” noting that total cost of the venture reached some KD 428 million (approximately USD 1.4 billion). Share of the local private sector in the whole budget of the project reached 29.7 percent, exceeding minimum proportion of expenditure amounting to 20 percent, thus manifesting the KNPC keenness on backing the local production and the private sector to partake in mega projects. Around 7,000 workers took part in the project execution, also affirming that the company successfully secured highest security and safety standards, with work hours hitting 58 million without a single mishap. Some difficulties had emerged in the process to link up the liquefied gas pipelines with the new line without disrupting operations, he acknowledged. The liquefied gas pipelines increase the output by 805 million cf, 106,000 barrels of condensates and liquefied gas per day, with the whole output of the five lines hitting 3.125 billion of liquefied gas and 332,000 barrels of condensates and liquefied gas.

19 December, 2022

Dhaman completes construction of its first hospital in Kuwait

Health Assurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman) celebrated the completion of the Dhaman Hospital building in Ahmadi Governorate. This represents an important step towards achieving the company’s strategy that aims at completing its health system, present medical services and enhance healthcare indicators in Kuwait. The hospital will constitute a quality addition to the medical sector. It is built on a total area of 85,000 sq m spread over 5 floors and a basement, with a capacity of 330 beds. It has 14 operation theaters, 21 ICUs, 75 outpatient clinics, a digital pharmacy, x-ray centers, labs and emergency departments, as well as a helipad. The hospital has the latest in healthcare technology, achieved according to the most modern services standards. It has a pharmacy equipped with an automated system (Omnicell) to dispense and deliver medicines. Dhaman has received accreditation from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), and accreditation of Joint Commission International (JCI) for all primary care centers.

19 December, 2022

9 new development plan projects to be implemented in Kuwait

The latest updates of the New Kuwait 2035 development plan show about 9 new projects are to be implemented within the framework of the plan, in addition to other projects which are in the pipeline, provided that they will be completed within the next 5 to 10 years. Some of the food security projects to be implemented, are expected to be completed after 6 years, in addition to 5 economic projects and two housing projects that will be completed in 2029, and a project for digital transformation of the Ministry of Commerce in 2024. The modifications made to the plan indicate the concerned government agencies have begun a preliminary study and design for the deep tunnel system in the country, which is estimated to be completed in 2032, and the completion rate of its preparatory phase has reached 2 percent. The authorities will complete 3 projects in 2029: two housing projects, one in South Saad Al-Abdullah and the other South Sabah Al-Ahmad and the two projects are expected to provide 55 thousand housing units, in addition to a research and development center for water desalination technology using renewable energies.
Three projects have been added to the sustainable diversified economy, expected to be completed in 2028. They are the development of Al-Balajat Street, two projects to develop and operate the treated water system in the northern region, and another in the southern region. The construction and operation of a complex for the production of fish and shrimp is expected to be completed in 2029, as part of the plans to ensure food security, the development of the salmon and sebas fingerling production unit in 2027, and a project to develop the national laboratories network. The plan included the digital transformation project of the Ministry of Commerce, the commercial platform, and its completion date is 2024; four development projects have also made progress in completion, especially the e-government to support the justice sector project, with a completion rate of 68%, and the deadline for implementation is 2025.
The percentage of completion of the development and modernization of the structural plan of the state reached 98%, and 76% of the geographical information system. The rate of follow-up to the implementation of Kuwait’s strategy to enhance integrity and combat corruption, which extends from 2019 to 2024, is 87%. The percentage of completion of consultations for the railway track project of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Kuwait reached 3%. It includes linking with the GCC countries whose length will be 111 km. The borders of this stage extend from the southern border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Nuwaiseeb region) in the south to the Shaddiyah region in the north. The development plan indicated that high-quality 15 health care projects are the closest to implementation, most of which will be completed between 2023 and 2025, with the exception of 3 projects whose deadline is estimated in 2026, and a project to combat childhood obesity in 2027. The completion rate of health care buildings, whose completion date is approaching, exceeded 75% of the executive works, while the completion of the Children’s Hospital has been delayed, with a completion rate of only 12%, although the deadline for completion is 2023.

14 December, 2022

45,000 housing units currently being completed in Kuwait

The Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development said that the Public Authority for Housing Welfare is currently working on the completion of the South Saad Al-Abdullah and South Sabah Al-Ahmad Projects, which include 45,000 housing units, in addition to awaiting financing for the owners of plots in four areas in Al-Mutlaa, which are N1, N2, N3, and N4. It includes about 10 thousand housing units. The government is keen to prepare buildings for citizens as soon as possible and with high quality for their well-being, in addition to shortening the waiting period for those who are eligible for housing care.

13 December, 2022

7 Companies selected to bid for design & supervision tender in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) plans to invite seven selected local companies to submit bids for the design and supervision of project No. 2 of the company’s office complex. The seven companies that the Kuwait Oil Company intends to invite to bid are:
KEO International Consultants
SQC International Consultants
United Engineering and Technical Consultants
Pan Arab Consulting Engineers
SSH International Consultants
Island advisors
Al-Habashi Engineering Consultancy Office
The company gave companies, which are not included in the list, the opportunity to participate and submit their offers by forming alliances within 30 days.

12 December, 2022

Work in progress on bridges project in Kuwait

Freyssinet, a specialist civil engineering company, has announced that steady progress has been made on the work related to the eight bridges coming up on Al Nawaseeb Road in Kuwait. With 88% erection work competed, the Al Nawaseeb Bridges project, coming up on the main road that links the capital city to Saudi Arabia. A leading European engineering group based in Paris, Freyssinet announced its scope of work includes construction engineering; supervision of bridge construction works; operation of form travellers and supply and installation of post-tensioning. For the bridge superstructure, Freyssinet Middle East will be using its cast-in-situ balanced cantilever method, a construction technique where the segments are progressively cast in place in their final position within the structure. This is the first time our company is carrying out a project of this significance using this technique. The 1,736-m-long Al Nawaseeb Road bridge project will boast 302 segments with 1,198 tonnes of post-tensioned strands. Work on the project began in January 2020 and it is due for completion in June 2023.

30 November, 2022

Road projects worth 5 billion dinars under design stage in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport (PART) said the cost of projects currently under design at the authority and to be implemented during the next 15 years, are worth 5 billion dinars. The authority is currently reviewing and setting a new timetable for the plan for these projects based on priority. The projects, topped by the railway project, currently are in the design mode. The complete railway design has been already sent to the Central Agency for Public Tenders, as well as the East Raqqa Roads Project, which includes the implementation of service roads for the region, and its implementation is expected to begin next year. 
The list also includes the development of the Third Ring Road, Fahaheel Road, and the Fourth Ring Road, all of which are currently subject to a review and studies, either due to cost-related problems or objection from other parties, as happened before, which the Municipal Council recently refused to study. Among the projects are the Kabd and Sulaibiya roads and the service roads for the southern Sa’ad Al-Abdullah area as a new area, as a road will be implemented that will be an extension of Ring Road 6.5, in addition to the regional road projects in the north and south of the country, which link Kuwait with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including the Abdali Road, the first phase of which has been implemented, and the Northern Regional Road, part of which has been implemented. The delay in the completion of the entire regional roads, despite the completion of their studies years ago, is due to a lack of budgets, so the entire plan is currently being reviewed, to arrange projects in order of priority.

29 November, 2022

Directional drilling services contract awarded in Kuwait

National Energy Services Reunited Corp. (NESR), an international, industry-leading provider of integrated energy services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has announced that the company has been awarded a long term contract for Directional Drilling services in Kuwait. Contract Scope is covering Directional Drilling (“DD”), Measurements while Drilling (“MWD”), Performance Drilling, Well Engineering and Logging While Drilling (“LWD”) services for five years, with an option to extend an additional year. Alongside the similar, recently announced Directional Drilling services contract in Saudi Arabia, this award in Kuwait represents another key DD anchor contract, through which the Company will introduce its burgeoning portfolio of high end MWD and LWD technologies as they are commercialized. Overall, these multi-year platform contracts are anticipated to enhance both the growth and margin profile of the Drilling & Evaluation (“D&E”) segment, as equipment in these specialized product lines are deployed with the higher anticipated drilling rig increase.

28 November, 2022

Lifestyle projects on track for mid-2023 completion in Kuwait

Kuwait-based Tourism Enterprises Company (TEC) has announced that steady progress is being made on its prime tourism and entertainment projects which are on track for completion as per schedule. Spread over a 35,000 sq m area, the Ras Al Ard club will boast various recreational and sports activities for different age groups such as multi-use sports court, food and beverage outlets as well as paved walkways and boardwalk in addition to indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Work is at an advanced stage on major developments such as Ras Al Ard Club and the New Messilah Beach that will be completed by mid-2023. Sadeem Al Kuwait General Trading and Contracting is handling the Ras Al Ardh Club project work. TEC is developing the beach into an integrated and contemporary facility spanning over 70,000 sq m area with a wide range of leisure and lifestyle activities. The contract for the project had been awarded last year to Ahmadiah Contracting Company. A star attraction for families, the beach project will have all kinds of water sports and for all ages, in addition to marine games. Also it will boast key amenities including open air theatre, restaurants, cafes and shops.

24 November, 2022

Work nearing completion on Winter Wonderland Kuwait

Organizers of the Winter Wonderland Kuwait announced the project is 92% complete and that the project will be opened on schedule that is early December 2022. Work is going on non-stop to meet the deadline. 5 entertainment games are being installed including Crazy Frog Dodgem, Miami Beach Party, MG Speed Booster and Magic House.

22 November, 2022

955 million dinars allocated to implement 129 development projects in Kuwait

The government institutions during the next fiscal 2023/2024 plan to spend about 955.4 million dinars on 129 development projects. The list includes 114 ongoing projects from previous years, about 15 new development projects that include recruitment of skilled workers, and a unified platform for exchanging data between government agencies and 5 underground multi-storey car parks, in addition to a hotel and an open theater in Al-Mubarakiya area. The list of new projects is as follows:
Developing Mubarakiya markets (commercial area + municipal garden; Smart recruitment of skilled workers; Employment Centers; The National Framework for Digital Skills; the Center for the Development of Sustainability Technologies for Facilities and Infrastructure). Phase One – Building the Facility; the Ahmadi Cultural Platform Project and supplying and installing a main conversion station for the Shagaya Z renewable energy project. It aims to transfer approximately 3,000 megawatts from the solar cell farm in Shagaya.
This is in addition to a project to supply, install, operate and maintain gas turbine units operating in the combined cycle system (3,600) megawatts at the Nuwaiseeb site, the first phase; package No. (4) for new government buildings and the works of automatic connection of systems and cybersecurity for the new passenger Terminal T2 at Kuwait International Airport, as it is a complementary project to the structural plan of the General Administration of Civil Aviation; restructuring the postal sector, to transform it into a government company or in partnership with the private sector; the Jahra Waterfront (Corniche); Empowering youth in entrepreneurship and an entertainment center on an area of 57,000 square meters.
The list of new projects also includes educational, cultural and entertainment center on Abdullah Al-Ahmad Street in the Sharq region, with a total area of 57 thousand square meters. for languages, the Arts House, a perfume laboratory, a cooking laboratory, a virtual reality exhibition, and a bicycle track inside the complex, approximately 900 meters long.

16 November, 2022

Consultation contracts signed in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) announced that it has signed three contracts with three international project management consulting companies to provide consultation services in the initial engineering and design works. The first contract was signed with Kellogg Brown & Roots Limited, the second with Worley Europe Limited, and the third with Technip E&C Limited. The three contracts, which will provide consultations for the Company’s major projects over a period of five years, were signed.

14 November, 2022

Lowest bid submitted for 400kV OHTL project in Kuwait

Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, Kuwait received bidders proposals for the construction of 400kV Over head transmission line (OHTL) project in Kuwait. Seven bidders has submitted the proposals. India based Construction firm, Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has submitted the lowest bid. L&T submitted the price of KWD 54.15 million (USD 175.8 million). Project Scope of Works includes Supply and installation of 400kV Overhead lines among Kairan, Wafra Z and Sulaibiya Z Power Statitons.

14 November, 2022

Kuwait to restart work on 1800-unit housing project for oil workers

State-owned Kuwait Oil Company will soon resume work on its workers' accommodation coming up in the Southern Alahmadi governorate, which, upon completion, will have 1,800 residential units. The project was partially suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The first phase of the project - which involved the construction of more than 1,300 homes - has been fully completed, while work on the second phase - involving 408 homes as well as road infrastructure work and those linked to sewage, water and power networks - will kick off soon. KPC decided to freeze Phase 2 for five years due to the pandemic and amid a government decision to slash spending in oil sector. Now with an improvement in the Covid situation, decided to revive the project.

8 November, 2022

$78.8m contracts awarded in Kuwait

Burgan Company for Well Drilling, Kuwait announced that it has received official letter of award for drilling rigs. The Combined value of the contracts are KWD 20.35 millions. The Contracts was awarded from the Kuwait Oil Company. The project is related to a 550 Horsepower drilling rig worth KWD 10.17 million and another drilling rig worth of KWD 10.17 million Dinar. Burgan Company also announced that it has received extension of drilling rig contracts with the Kuwait Oil Company for a period of one year, for a total of approximately 10 million dinars.

7 November, 2022

3 contracts for soil cleaning to be tendered in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company will recommend to the Central Agency for Public Tenders soon to float a tender for 3 contracts for soil cleaning, worth 450 million dollars, in coordination with the Kuwaiti National Liaison Point for Environmental Projects and the United Nations Development Program. The three contracts will be offered in one tender, pointing out that the winner of any one contract has no right to win another contract. Kuwait Oil is preparing another new contract that will be offered after the completion of the current tender, which will include quantities of soil cleaning equivalent to one of the current contracts, and yet another contract for afforestation.

31 October, 2022

Design in progress for KD 440 million Childrens Hospital in Kuwait

The Children’s Hospital Project is one of the projects of the Ministry of Health which is in a design stage and will be implemented by the Ministry of Public Works after the budget gets a nod from the concerned authorities and the tender will be floated accordingly. The Children’s Hospital is an integrated specialized hospital with a capacity of 792 beds, including furniture, devices and medical equipment. It is located in Al-Sabah Health District, and will be built on 121,000 square meters area, with actual construction area of 690,000 square meters, and is expected to cost 440 million dinars.

27 October, 2022

Contract signed to drill ultra-deep wells in Middle East

Middle East drilling contractor Kuwait Drilling Company (KDC) has concluded a deal with Chinese rig builder Honghua Group to supply several land rigs. The deal is worth 435 million yuan ($60 million) and involves rigs that incorporate direct top drives, five-cylinder slush pumps and iron roughnecks. The 3000 horsepower rigs, with the capacity to drill ultra-deep wells, will be deployed by KDC in the Middle East to drill wells to depths of up to 9000 metres.

27 October, 2022

Tender to be floated for tunnel pumping stations in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) has obtained approval from the State Audit Bureau (SAB) to float a tender for the maintenance and operation of tunnel pumping stations. The necessary documents are being prepared to sign the contract with the winning company, coinciding with the start of the rainy season. The rainwater drainage network maintenance teams are being deployed to clean manholes and drainages, indicating the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) returned the documents related to 10 general and emergency maintenance tenders to the Ministry of Public Works due to the latter’s failure to reply to its comments.
Meanwhile, tenders are for the general and emergency maintenance works on roads and streets that suffer from severe wear and tear in a number of areas. Ministry is currently preparing its response to the agency’s comments. PART requested for assistance from some companies to prevent the accumulation of water on roads, especially the highways.

25 October, 2022

Four contracts awarded in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Precision Drilling Corporation announce that it was recently awarded four contracts in Kuwait, each with a five year term and an optional one year renewal. The contract awards are for AC Super Triple 3000 HP rigs and increase active rig count in Kuwait from three rigs to five rigs by the middle of 2023. In addition, Precision Drilling recently signed third drilling rig in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a five year contract extension, following two earlier five year contract signings in the second quarter of this year. With the three contract extensions in Saudi Arabia and the Kuwait contract awards, Precision will have eight rigs under long-term contracts in the Middle East stretching into 2028 and representing approximately US$600 million (approximately C$820 million) in backlog revenue.

24 October, 2022

Approval awaited for infrastructure works in Kuwait

Small Enterprises Project at Al-Subbiya is awaiting nod from the Central Agency for Public Tenders and the Audit Bureau to start building the infrastructure. The drilling operations in the area are awaiting final approvals, so that the project can be completed as soon as possible, especially that the completion of the project is looked upon eagerly by National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises. There are great facilities provided to the National Fund for the urgent implementation of the Al-Subbiya Recreational Project, with the aim of stimulating tourism and entertainment locally during the winter season.

18 October, 2022

Contractor selected for $121.5 million oil well injection pipes contract in Kuwait

The Mechanical Engineering and Contracting Company won the project to install oil well injection pipes tendered by the state-owned Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). The firm won the project in North Kuwait after it submitted the lowest bid of 36.79 million Kuwaiti dinars ($121.5 million). The Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) is expected to agree on a KOC request to award the contract to that company. The CAPT approved another KOC letter for issuing tenders for the installation of submersible electric pumps in North Kuwait with an estimated value of nearly 40 million dinars ($132 million). 

17 October, 2022

$56.3m contract awarded for a substation in Kuwait

Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), Kuwait Signed the Contract for the construction of 400/132/11kV Substation in Al Mutlaa Residential Project. The Contract was Signed with National Contracting Company (NCC), Saudi Arabia. The value of the contract is KWD 17.53 million (USD 56.3 million). Project Scope of Works includes Design, supply, installation, Testing & Commissioning and Maintenance of 400/132/11kV Substations (namely Z5 ) located in N5 suburb of Al Mutlaa residential city. PAHW also awarded another Contract, for the construction of 400/132/11kV Substation in Al Mutlaa residential Project to NCC. The value of the Contract is KWD 17.8 million (USD 57.2 million). The Project is not yet Signed by PAHW.

5 October, 2022

Ophthalmology & surgery department opened at the hospital in Kuwait

The Ministry of Health inaugurated the Department of Ophthalmology and Surgery in the new Jahra Hospital. The inauguration is a step ahead for decentralization in health services. The project comes within the framework of the Ministry of Health’s plan to adopt integrated and comprehensive hospital models, as a method of providing health services to facilitate citizens. The inauguration aims to provide a distinguished health service with the latest early diagnosis methods in various eye diseases, at the same time giving the latest surgical devices and tools for all specialized eye surgeries. The department’s services are integrated according to ophthalmological and surgical specialties. It includes eye clinics in all its specialties, seven rooms in the specialties of cornea and cataracts (glaucoma, retina, and vitreous body), eye sockets and eyelids, children’s eyes, and strabismus. In addition, the department features five rooms for eye disease examinations, which include visual acuity examination, fundus examination, retinal ultrasound, and visual field examination. The department contains two rooms for laser devices for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, as well as two major operating rooms, and a minor operating room. This comes in addition to providing eye emergency services with a medical consultation system, as well as cases of entering the wards and medical consultations for cases that other departments request an evaluation from the ophthalmological department.

3 October, 2022

Consultancy services contract signed to develop aviation system in Kuwait

The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation has signed a consultancy services contract with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), one of the United Nations organizations, on the sidelines of the annual meeting of member states currently being held in Montreal. The 5-year contract aims to provide support to the DGCA, and to develop the aviation system in a safe and orderly manner. The contract is being followed up through the organization’s consultants who are in Kuwait, in compliance with international rules and recommendations, including carrying out economic and technical studies and analyzes, and supporting and qualifying national cadres within the vision of civil aviation to develop Kuwait International Airport and workers to achieve sustainable development.

30 September, 2022

Refuse-Derived Fuel plant under planning in Kuwait

OPEC producer Kuwait is planning to build its first plant to produce dry fuel -Refuse-Derived Fuel or RDF from solid waste to feed its main cement production company. The Kuwait Municipality has approved the project to convert waste into dry fuel to feed kilns at the Kuwait Cement Company (KCC). Municipality would soon sign a contract with KCC for investment in the project to provide fuel to the firm and other local industries. The plant, with an area of around 250,000 square metres, will mainly process non-biodegradable waste such as plastics and will be constructed within a maximum period of 18 months after signing the contract. KCC will invest and manage the project for at least 20 years and it will also produce biogas, biofuel, fertilizers and other associated products. The Municipality has already appointed a consultant for the refuse derived fuel project, which could be built near the waste site at Mina Abdullah.

29 September, 2022

New iconic tower to be built in Kuwait

A member of the Guardians Committee of the Abdullah Abdullatif Al-Othman, confirmed that there is an intention to demolish the “Al-Othman Commercial Complex” in Hawalli at the intersection of Al-Othman Street and Ibn Khaldun Street next year and build a new iconic tower on the same spot. The design of the project has been completed and a building permit is currently being issued. The area is 2,325 square meters and the construction of the new tower is expected to cost an estimated 3.5 million dinars. The construction works of the tower will be completed by 2025 and will be a significant landmark in the Hawalli region. The tower will consist of two basements and 26 floors, and in order to ensure the basements accommodate the largest number of cars, the car ramp will be replaced with 4 car lifts to save space. The tower will include a commercial center on three floors (ground – first mezzanine – second mezzanine) containing commercial units of various sizes serving various activities (banks – training institutes – medical clinics – telecom companies… etc.) and will feature features an outdoor garden hanging at the top of the mall In addition to an administrative tower consisting of 42 offices spread over 21 floors, with two offices per floor. Al-Othman stated that the development of one-third of the late Abdullah Al-Othman property is proceeding steadily to benefit the beneficiaries of the will and will be a significant tributary of charity work in Kuwait and the Arab and Islamic countries as stipulated in the will.

28 September, 2022

KD 5.2 million entertainment project to be built in Kuwait

The Ministry of Finance agreed to approve the change order in the cost of the infrastructural development of the Al-Subiya recreational project, at a total value of KD 5.2 million, within the framework of the government’s interest in propelling developmental projects and speeding up their execution. The Council of Ministers assigned the Ministry of Works, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Development, and appropriate authorities, to take the necessary steps to ensure the completion of the infrastructure work and the preparation of the project site as soon as possible. The ministry’s approval of the request for the change order came on the contract for the construction, completion, development, and maintenance of roads and intersections to serve the future city of Al-Mutlaa, for a period of 45 days from the date of issuing the change order, according to the terms of the contract and based on the rules for implementing the budgets of government agencies. Moreover, the project, which will be built at the end of Jaber Bridge on an area of one million square meters, includes 400 projects, investment areas, parking lots, a track for walking and cycling, in addition to an area for recreational vehicles, and another for events. Two areas for food trucks and retail sales, as well as a rental space, are also included.

26 September, 2022

Multi-storey car parking lots to be built in Kuwait

The Hawalli Governorate Committee sets out to approve a request for the construction and implementation of the multi-storey car parking building for the Symphony complex on Arabian Gulf Street. The committee approved Amiri Diwan’s request to include the service sites of Bayan Palace and approve the final plan for Bayan Al-Amer Palace in Bayan, block 13. In addition, the committee approved the request of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to expand the Noura Al-Tuwaijri Mosque in Al-Salam area, block 4.

26 September, 2022

Infrastructure completed for low-cost residential project in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare announced the completion of infrastructure of a low-cost residential project that can accommodate 9,800 houses. The project started in December 2018. Each plot will be of an area of 200 sq m. The project has a water tank with a capacity of 250,000 gallons with a well for underground water to replenish it, as well as power stations and transformers. The low-cost housing project, located 16 km from Jahra, will replace makeshift houses in Taima and Sulaibiya
The project includes an investment residential area and public buildings, as well as an area for warehouses and services. Three tenders will be issued for houses and buildings, including three kindergartens, 10 primary schools, six secondary schools, eight intermediate schools, 14 mosques, two main mosques, eight main power stations, fire and ambulance stations, a center for girls, a youth center, three public parks, two private schools, three Quranic institutes, a Holy Quran memorization house, two police stations, two gas branches, four branches of local banks and an elderly care center and office. The area will also include a specialized health center, a public clinic, a telephone exchange, a main central market, wedding halls for men and women, a community development center, a social center, a government complex, a Zakat House, a garage, a water purification plant, a sewage station, freshwater towers and a green belt of an area of 138,500 sq m to prevent sand encroachment.

22 September, 2022

Two contracts have been awarded to local companies in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company announced that it has awarded two contracts to local companies with the first covering the construction of oil infrastructure and the second contract related to providing crew for the marine fleet. The first contract is to build remote vertical hatches and associated works in southern and eastern Kuwait, which was awarded to Al-Ghanim International General Trading and Contracting Company. The Kuwait Oil Company said that the contract was awarded to Al-Ghanim after it was approved by the majority of the members of the Central Agency for Public Tenders. KOC did not disclose the value of the contract. Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Company (HESCO) won the second contract to provide the crew of the marine fleet. The contract value was 15.5 million dinars ($50.2 million).

21 September, 2022

Tender to be launched for the residential project in Kuwait

Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, and Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development announced the approval of the Corporation’s Tender Committee to launch a tender for the implementation of main roads and infrastructure services for the South Sabah Al-Ahmad Residential City project. The project’s infrastructure work will include four contracts and has been approved to tender works for the construction, completion, and maintenance of infrastructure services for the main roads in the city. Other contracts are included for the establishment, completion, and maintenance of infrastructure services for the outskirts of the project, in the corporation’s plan to be put forward next March.

21 September, 2022

Tender expected soon for Al Mubarakiya Souk in Kuwait

Oil-rich Kuwait is planning to build a new hotel, shops, restaurants and other facilities as part of plans to expand a key market in the heart of the capital Kuwait City. The Municipality has obtained cabinet approval for the project to develop Al Mubarakiya Souk and it intends to invite bids from the private sector to execute the project. The project, which has been on the cards for more than a year, comprises a new hotel, a public park, shops and restaurants, multi-storey car parks, a museum, a mosque and other facilities. The concerned authorities have completed the final designs for the expansion project, which will be carried out by the private sector.

21 September, 2022

Investment tender issued for bridge axis sites in Kuwait

The Council of Ministers recently introduced a special tender for providing advisory support services to the licensing bid for the planning, development, completion, operation, maintenance, exploitation and investment of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge axis sites, which consist of the north and south Islands and the north and south shores. It is an indivisible tender for specialized companies to provide advisory support services for the planning licensing auction, and the development, completion, operation, maintenance, exploitation and investment of the Jaber Bridge axis sites, in accordance with the general specifications.

20 September, 2022

Failaka island to be developed in Kuwait

The Public Institute for Social Security, represented by its real estate arm, Wafra Real Estate Company, is studying investment on Failaka Island through developing a marine tourist park with all its facilities, including chalets, infrastructure, and logistics to serve it. Wafra Real Estate will conduct a feasibility study to enter into this investment, especially as it intends to develop its project on the island on a world-class model that simulates the best similar projects in the world while preserving and renovating the historical and social identity of the island. A recent study stated that a government trend was to segregate and divide the tourist sites on Failaka Island from 2 to 4 parks as needed, with each park having a special character, serving various segments of clients (tourist park, family park, heritage park), a sanatorium park for physiotherapy or convalescence and recreation. It is decided, according to the initial perceptions of the mechanism of launching the Failaka Island development project, that the project will be put up for rent for a period of 20 years in accordance with Article 17 of the State Property Law which stipulates that it is permissible to lease the state’s private real estate or movable property for a nominal fee or less than the same wage to a legal or natural person with the intention of achieving a purpose of public benefit, and the lease is based on the proposal of the Minister or the head of the competent authority or institution with the approval of the Council of Ministers.

20 September, 2022

Oil pollution clean-up consultancy bids expected soon in Kuwait

OPEC producer Kuwait intends to issue a tender for a consultancy service contract to manage crude oil pollution clean-up projects it awarded a few months ago. The state-owned Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), which manages the Gulf country’s upstream sector, has asked the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) to issue that tender. The contract involves providing consultancy services for the management of pollution cleaning projects and related activities. KOC intends to appoint an international consultant with experience in managing projects involving oil pollution clean-up which the Company has awarded. CAPT is expected to issue the tender this week and bidding will end on Dec 18, 2022

14 September, 2022

Final approval awaited for Al-Subbiya project in Kuwait

The Al-Subbiya Project is expected to be completed within a short period, especially since the project has reached the final stages but needs approvals from the concerned authorities, given that these projects need cooperation from all relevant authorities. The project includes investment areas, parking lots, a track for jogging and cycling, in addition to recreational and events areas. There will also be two areas for food trucks and retail sales, as well spaces for rent.
The approval of the Ministry of Works is awaited. A year has passed since the project was suspended last August, when the Council of Ministers at that time considered a recommendation to prepare a temporary area of land in the Subbiya area to attract youth entertainment projects, and the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Development was tasked with preparing a land in Subbiya in cooperation and coordination with Kuwait Municipality and government agencies that it deemed appropriate, but the delay in obtaining approvals delayed the project for an entire year.

14 September, 2022

Agreement signed for aviation fuel technical services in Kuwait

Kuwait Petroleum International a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) has announced that its aviation fuel affiliate, Q8Aviation, has been awarded a contract to provide technical services to Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company (KAFCO), Kuwait National Petroleum Company’s jet fuel affiliate, at Kuwait International Airport. This award formalizes the intention to enhance cooperation between the two subsidiary aviation companies within the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) group. The agreement provides KAFCO with Q8Aviation’s broad range of technical services, including inspections of the refuelling operation at Kuwait International Airport, provision of technical documentation, training, and engineering consultancy. It demonstrates KPC’s strategic focus on synergy-driven integration between its subsidiaries and shows its successful efforts at optimization through comparative advantage and honing efficiencies.

8 September, 2022

USD 4.9 million contract awarded for gas cages in Kuwait

The Higher Procurement Committee for the tenders of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries has awarded a Moroccan company the tender worth USD 4.9 million for the supply of about 8,400 steel cages for gas cylinders. In detail, the committee had issued a tender for the supply of 1,400 cages of liquefied gas cylinders of 25 kilograms and 7,000 cages of liquefied gas cylinders of 12 kilograms for the two branches of liquefied gas filling in Shuaiba and Umm Al-Aish, to be awarded to the company Intral Industries - Morocco at USD 4.9 million for a period of 24 months on the basis of the second lowest price corresponding to the terms and conditions offered.

1 September, 2022

Bidding to commence soon for a power & water plant consultancy contract in kuwait

General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to open the door for submitting offers for the consultancy contract related to the planned allocation of the Shuaiba North Power and Water Plant, which is valued at $1.26 billion. Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Systems Engineering Group had submitted bids in late December 2021. 3 of the five groups are believed to have passed the technical evaluation process.

1 September, 2022

Three major projects to be developed under BOT system in Kuwait

The Director General of Kuwait Municipality announced the launch of three major projects under the BOT system, including the Jahra Waterfront, during the current year. Next year, the educational, cultural and entertainment center, and the most recent in 2024, the Mubarakiya Market Development Project will be launched. Mubarakiya market development project is proceeding according to what is planned according to the schedule. The new project includes a mosque, a hotel and an open theater with a heritage design and the development of the municipality’s garden.

31 August, 2022

KD11.5 million contract to be signed soon for airport network expansion project in Kuwait

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) intends to sign a contract worth KD11.5 million directly with Leonardo SPA Company to implement the KADIN network expansion project for a period of three years. The DGCA has requested for approval from the regulatory authorities; but the lack of budget for fiscal year 2022/2023 might delay the process. The expansion of the information exchange network is one of the strategic projects of Kuwait as it is aimed at linking air navigation systems to an advanced network for the development of Kuwait International Airport.

30 August, 2022

Flowlines contract award decision postponed in Kuwait

Kuwait Oil Co. has postponed the announcement of its project bids winner for the installment of flowlines and associated works in south and east Kuwait, as the country continues to halt many oil and gas projects. Companies have already submitted their bids on the project worth $100 million and are awaiting the client’s decision.

29 August, 2022

Four companies bid for contract to clean soil in southern Kuwait

Four local contracting companies are bidding for the second major soil remediation and removal of oil pollutants contract in southern Kuwait, known as the Second South Kuwait Project for Drilling, Transport and Processing (SKETR-2). The area to be reclaimed is divided into three areas, and the total value of the three lowest bids submitted by the companies is $455.2 million. The scope of work in the three packages includes treating 8.5 million cubic meters of contaminated soil.
The lowest bids for the three packages were as follows Area A consists of (L1 bidder is Contractor Company for General Trading and Contracting $148.52 million) and (L2 – Al-Sayer General Trading and Construction Contracting Company $155.17 million) Area B bidders are (L1 – Alghanim International General Trading and Contracting Company $153.9 million; L2 – Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Company $176.73 million) and Area C (L1 – Contractor Company for General Trading and Contracting $152.8 million and L2 – Al-Sayer General Trading and Construction Contracting Company $165.08 million).
Kuwait Oil Company has not yet announced the formal award of contracts to the winning companies, and it had mentioned before bidding for the project that each of the three different contracts would be awarded to a different company. But it is not known what will be done with the contracts for Area A and Area C, as the Contracting Company for General Trading and Contracting submitted the lowest bids for both contracts. The Kuwait Oil Company said before bidding that it would not award several packages of the project to one company, but it seems that it might change its mind and award the contracts for areas A and C to one company. 
Contractor Company for General Trading and Contracting has partnered with China’s Zaopin Technologies, which specializes in crude oil tank cleaning and tasks related to pollution and bio remediation of oil contaminated soil. It should be noted that the SKETR-2 is focused on addressing pollution in the south of the country, where there is a greater amount of contaminated soil, and is the third contract of its kind to be offered under Kuwait’s multibillion dollar environmental reform program. The deadline for submitting bids has been extended several times after contractors requested more time to prepare their bids.

24 August, 2022

Approval awaited for 21 contracts to be awarded in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company currently has lined up 21 contracts and has submitted to the Central Agency for Public Tenders awaiting bids for those tenders during the coming period, amid expectations of accelerating the pace of receiving bids and not extending and deciding on awards during the coming period. The Kuwait Oil Company has a huge set of new projects to be implemented during the current fiscal 2022/2023, coinciding with the improvement in oil prices and Kuwait’s desire to maintain and increase production levels after complete liberation from the production reduction agreement implemented by the (OPEC +) alliance. The data showed that the contracts offered by the Kuwait Oil Company in the Central Agency for Public Tenders are as follows:
1 – Providing services for unified petroleum software
2 – Providing repair and renovation services for production facilities in the southern and eastern regions of Kuwait
3 – Security, safety and supervisory control system improvements and data acquisition for Jurassic Wells in North Kuwait.
4 – Services, cleaning and related works in the regions of south and east Kuwait.
5 – Establishment of (2) new electrical sub-stations with a voltage of KV 132 and related overhead lines in North Kuwait, and the establishment of new overhead lines with a voltage of 33 KV in West Kuwait.
6 – Comprehensive maintenance and operational support for gas facilities in southern and eastern Kuwait.
7 – Comprehensive maintenance and operational support for gas facilities in North and West Kuwait.
8 – Rental of mass transit vehicles and utility vehicles.
9 – Maintenance support services for export facilities.
10 – Operation and maintenance services for mechanical equipment and air cooling systems in Ahmadi Hospital.
11 – Modernization and development of the gas and condensate network in the East Kuwait region.
12 – Installing pipes to reuse treated surplus water from the Kuwait National Petroleum Company in the facilities of the Kuwait Oil Company.
13 – Support services for workshops.
14 – Raising the efficiency of water management facilities.
15 – Development of chemical injection and monitoring system in North Kuwait facilities.
16 – Thermal test facilities (North and South).
17 – Replacing the compressed air system for precision machinery and for the facility’s air system in East Kuwait assembly centers.
18 – Consulting services to assess the impact of operations on Kuwait through the use of an air quality monitoring network and resource allocation.
19 – Replacing the compressed air system for precision machines and the facility air system in the assembly centers of southern Kuwait.
20 – Maintenance services for production facilities in the northern regions of Kuwait.
21 – Design, construction and supply of Dob and other boats to combat and recover oil pollution.
On the other hand the company signed 10 contracts worth 22.53 million dinars with local and international companies to carry out some works during the current year, some of which extend for years. The data showed the KOC has signed a contract worth 7.2 million dinars with Al-Meer Technical Services Company for a comprehensive maintenance contract for the fire and gas detection system in the northern and western regions of Kuwait, while it signed another contract worth 4.8 million dinars with Al-Dar Engineering and Construction Company to implement a new plant for export operations. Another contract worth 2.9 million dinars was signed to carry out electrical modification and lighting decoration works with a local company. The company signed another contract to employment in management and secretarial work with the Kuwait Resources House Company for Human Resources, while another contract was signed with Al-Meer Company to implement operations services for the gas production facility No. 50 in North Kuwait, at a value of 1.9 million dinars. The sources indicated that the company signed another contract to replace the shutdown, fire and emergency gas systems at the sea water treatment plant in the North Kuwait region.

23 August, 2022

URB unveils worlds largest net zero community in Kuwait

URB, a global leader in developing sustainable cities, has unveiled the designs for XZero City, a planned sustainable community providing a net zero carbon lifestyle for 100,000 residents in Kuwait. The 1,600-hectare development is planned for the southern region of Kuwait to provide 30,000 residential units, as well as 30,000 green jobs, which will be created in various hubs such as medical, tourism, technology, educational, retail and entertainment, said a statement from URB. XZero will promote sustainable tourism through its various eco-friendly hospitality assets, including a five-star eco resort and eco lodges. Edutainment attractions such as the utility park and nature conservation centre will transform the city into a unique visitor attraction. The green-tech hub, masterplanned by URB, will promote a collaborative innovative environment in food, energy, water and waste technology The medical hub will feature an autism village, wellness centre and clinics. The educational hub will feature a nursery, school and an institute. The commercial hub will include indoor mall and flexible office spaces. The project is provides the highest standards of social, environmental and economic sustainability. The masterplan was designed using passive design strategies, as well as green and blue infrastructure, to create a sustainable development which requires the least financial investment whilst providing the highest environmental gains.
It is a new paradigm in green urban living and a new benchmark model for the next generation of sustainable cities. As a self-sufficient city, XZero will provide all the resident’s caloric food intake on site through its productive landscape. The city incorporates many different urban farming methods such as community gardens, bio domes, aquaponics, vertical farms and biosaline agriculture. The city will also harvest all the renewable energy needs locally whilst also recycling its waste and water on site. The creation of cities that follow the highest standards of sustainability is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity. URB pointed out that at the heart of the project is a unique resilient landscape, designed to promote health, wellbeing and biodiversity. The multifunctional landscape is the social glue to the entire city and will connect residents to all amenities within minutes through its 44 km of dedicated green mobility tracks. Ultimately, the city will provide the highest quality of life whilst protecting the environment for future generations. It will become a new benchmark for future cities to be planned in balance with nature, whilst promoting a greener circular economy.

23 August, 2022

Consultancy firm appointed for Al-Dabdaba Power & Shagaya Renewable Energy project in Kuwait

The Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) announced that it has signed a contract to provide consultancy services for Al-Dabdaba Power and Shagaya Renewable Energy – Phase III project. The contract signed with a consortium of companies led by Ernst & Young. KAPP announced that contract was signed after granted approvals from the respective regulatory authorities, in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and Water and Renewable Energy, being the government authority concerned with the project, as well as the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. KAPP stated that the winning consultant alliance will undertake the preparation and completion of the project’s feasibility study and the work related to the proposal process which includes, but is not limited to, the preparation of qualification and tender documents, procedures for qualifying investors, supervising the technical, financial, legal, and environmental areas of the project, and coordinating with investors until the end of the financial close in accordance with Kuwait’ law.

22 August, 2022

Sulaibikhat Bay to be developed in Kuwait

The Waterfront Development of the Sulaibikhat Coast project will be marketed locally and internationally in cooperation between the public and private sectors to ensure the creation of a competitive investment environment and achieving financial returns. The project to develop the structural plan of Sulaibikhat Bay is to develop the waterfront and the area overlooking the Sulaibikhat coast from Kuwait Bay and to provide the necessary services to the western and northern regions of the country, perhaps the most important of which is the rehabilitation of the environment and work to preserve and develop them. It also aims to increase the number of commercial projects and service, recreational and service areas on the coastal strip, and the involvement of the private sector in these projects, and a group of six areas has been identified, as follows, Innovation Zone, Sulaibikhat coast area, Sulaibikhat Sports Area, Ras Ashiraj area, Ashiraj residential area and Ashiraj Islands.

15 August, 2022

Jaber Bridge Islands development bidding date extended in Kuwait

The committee in charge of investing in Jaber Bridge decided to extend the bidding date in order to give more time for companies wishing to invest in the new project. The bid that was put forward for nearly a year, specifically on September 26, 2021, saw only one company showing interest and hence postponed the bidding date in the belief other companies will come forward to and submit their bids.
The Cabinet had announced the launch of a public bid for the license to plan, develop, complete, operate, maintain, exploit and invest the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Bridge axis sites, consisting of the northern and southern islands and the northern and southern banks for the benefit of the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, according to a number of specifications and conditions. The field was opened for those wishing to participate in the bidding starting from September 26, 2021 and the closing date was on March 17, 2022.
The committee decided to extend the period of participation in the bidding to ensure the best financial and economic benefit from the completion of the project, which will only be achieved through competition from a good number of companies.

11 August, 2022

Lowest bid submitted for oil flow line project in Kuwait

Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Company (HEISCO), Kuwait announced that it has submitted lowest bid for the tender issued by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). HEISCO submits the bid value of KWD 68.5 million (USD 223.7 million). The Company states that the project is related to Construction of Flowlines and Associated Works in West Kuwait Area. Project will be subject to award as soon as the award decision issued by the Central Agency for Public Tender.

8 August, 2022

Budget approval delays over $1 bn projects in Kuwait

The approval of the budget for two major oil projects, worth about $1.35 billion, affiliated to the Kuwait Oil Company has been postponed. As for the assembly centers that will be developed, they have the following numbers: GC-1, GC-2, GC-11, and GC- 19. It was expected earlier that the project of these assembly centers would be launched in October or November of this year, but due to the delay in approving the project budget so far, the tendering may witness further delays.
As for the second project, which was affected by the delay in approving its budget, it relates to the expansion of two sewage disposal plants in oil facilities, which are known by convention as EWDP-1 and EWDP-2. The value of these two projects is estimated at about $650 million. The first station project, EWDP-1, is located about 20 km south of downtown Kuwait City, and the second project, EWDP-2, is located about 40 km south. The preliminary engineering and designs for the project had been completed.

18 July, 2022

KD 8.99 million contract awarded for oil & gas technical advice in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company is expected to sign a contract worth 8.99 million dinars for technical advice in the field of oil and gas. Petrotel won the contract because its offer was the lowest of 8.9 million dinars. Kuwait Oil Company had conducted 3 rounds of negotiation with 5 international companies in a limited exercise. 
The Target Oil Services Company submitted an offer of 9.3 million dinars, after the company’s first offer was 12.7 million dinars, while Halliburton Company submitted an offer of 10.1 million dinars in the third a big difference from its first of 17.2 million dinars. As for Robertson Company, it had submitted the offer of 9.8 million dinars, down from a financial offer of 22.1 million dinars, and BEICIP-FRANLAB 9.9 million dinars.

18 July, 2022

Tender to be launched soon for rainwater drainage project in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, for fiscal year 2022-2023, will present a project to establish, complete and maintain rainwater drainage systems for the residential areas of Sabah Al-Ahmad, South Sabah Al-Ahmad, Al-Khairan residential and Al-Wafra residential areas, and it is expected to be announced at the beginning of next December. The project implementation period is estimated at 48 months, which is a public tender aimed at providing good level of services to citizens in new residential areas and providing them with safety during the rains through regular rainwater drainage and preventing the flooding of some areas by rainwater, both within the region or the surrounding areas.
The project also aims to maintain the quality of rainwater that is carried in independent networks for draining purpose only, and to protect the environment and stagnation of residential areas southeast of Kuwait and serve the current new development areas, which are the Sabah Al-Ahmad residential, south and east of Sabah Al-Ahmad and Al-Khairan. The work includes the construction of a concrete sewer to drain rainwater from the collection tanks, which is to be established by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare to carry the water to the sea at the Nuwaiseeb exit point. The length of the sewer is expected to 73 km long in addition to 3 basins to collect rainwater in the Wafra and Sabah Al-Ahmad and South Sabah Al-Ahmad residential areas.

18 July, 2022

Work in progress for integrated facilities in Kuwait

Delivering on its ambitious transformation plan that was launched in September 2021, Touristic Enterprises Company reveals the progress of its Wave 1 projects. Ras Al-Ardh Club site, designed to be a contemporary and integrated facility, will contain recreational and sports activities that meet the needs of everyone in the family, ranging from an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a kids club area, restaurants, shops, male grooming hair salon facilities,men spa and women spa, a health club, sports fields and car parks among others. This redeveloped facility boasts an area of 35,000 square and is expected to be completed by 2022- 2023. The Nuwaiseeb Rest Area which boasts an area of 10,000 square meters will offer restaurants, cafes, and a supermarket, as well as a car park, car maintenance area and shops. Expected to be completed by the end of 2022, it is located on King Fahd BinAbdulaziz Highway. Messilah Beach will be developed into an integrated and contemporary facility covering an area of 70,000 square meters, containing recreational and sports activities to meet the needs of visitors of all age groups throughout the year. As a center of attraction for families, the development of the project includes the provision of water games for all ages, in addition to swimming pools, sports and beach activities, a multi-purpose hall, a visitor building and administration office building, restaurants, cafes, shops and much more.

28 June, 2022

Reservoirs & dams to be built to prevent flooding in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) in coordination with its counterpart, the Ministry of Works will provide permanent protection to 3 residential areas: Al-Mutla’a, South Abdullah Al-Mubarak and West Abdullah Al-Mubarak from torrential rains. In this regard, the Ministry of Works is about to float a tender to protect these cities from floods next December, and the project is expected to be complete in 36 months.
The project also aims to prevent the occurrence of rainwater accumulations, whether within the surrounding areas or areas where water may collect, and to achieve environmental protection by preventing rainwater from collecting and stagnating in residential cities. Ministry of Works, along with PAHW seeks to, through a set of radical solutions to contain the rain water before they reach these areas by building reservoirs and dams and water channels to siphon the torrential water away from these cities and drain the surplus through a rainwater network to avert the danger of floods.

27 June, 2022

Oil & gas projects worth $11.5bn to be implemented in Kuwait

Kuwait has allocated about $11.5 billion to implement oil and gas projects during the coming years, which are divided into several stages according to the progress that has been achieved. Three American, Australian and French international companies have submitted their final bids for the project management consultancies in the oil and gas sector in Kuwait. The valuation of bids include, $424 million in the design phase, $492 million in the prequalification phase of contractors for the main contract, $1.641 billion in the planning and initial designs phase, and finally $8.317 billion in projects in the study phase. The contract was proposed by the Kuwait Oil Company to cover both the initial engineering and design services and the project management work for the main infrastructure of KOC projects.
American KBR, Australian Worley and French Technip, submitted their bids on June 22, 2022 while Fluor, has been excluded from the tender due to violations related to submitting the initial letter of guarantee, and Wood Group, the British company, because it offered the highest price in a previous round. KOC uses the Practice System in the bidding process for a special project management contract. The system acts as a reverse multi-round auction, where companies have to lower their prices or keep the same price for each round, all prices are revealed to bidders after each round, and the higher-priced bidders are forced to withdraw as bids drop.

22 June, 2022

Radisson Hotel Group unveils its second brand in Kuwait

Radisson Hotel Group has debuted its second brand in Kuwait with the signing of Park Inn by Radisson Kuwait Hotel & Apartments, bringing the Group’s presence in the region to 75 hotels and over 16,000 keys in operation and under development. The newly built hotel is scheduled to open at the end of 2023 and will consist of 250 rooms and serviced apartments. The debut of the (upper) midscale Park Inn by Radisson hotel brand in the country will enable guests to focus on a work/life balance and find harmony in their travel experience while enjoying the hotel’s contemporary design and friendly personalized service. The hotel will consist of 250 modern superior rooms, suites and serviced apartments, many with sea-facing views, making it suitable for both short and long stays. The hotel will have a lobby café, one all-day dining restaurant and one specialty restaurant with a terrace. Meetings and event venues will include a multipurpose hall, a ballroom, and three meeting rooms. The hotel will also offer a fitness centre, a beauty salon, and a Spa.

17 June, 2022

Gulf Railway Project to be presented during 2022/2023 in Kuwait

The Ministry of Public Works announced that the annual plan for the projects of the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART), which will be presented during the 2022/2023 fiscal year. The plan includes the study, preliminary design and preparation of the documents of Kuwait railways tender (phase one). They explained that the objectives of the tender are the study and engineering design of the GCC railway track of length of 111 km, and the facilities attached to the project. The scope of the project is the study and design of the first phase of the railway project (The Gulf Train) and the preparation of special and general conditions for the project.
The duration for the implementation of this tender is 12 months. It will be offered to global consulting offices through a public offering based on the special conditions that are set by PART. This project will be presented to global consulting offices due to the fact that Kuwait has never before implemented such giant vital projects. Through this tender, the railway route, the project’s work mechanism, the implementation mechanism, the time period and the real cost of the project will be determined. The implementation tender will then be presented to the international companies with authority to start work on the project through the winning company, which aims to make a qualitative leap concerning the Gulf road transport via the Gulf train, in addition to the large economic returns resulting from it for all the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

30 May, 2022

Lowest bid received for flowline works in Kuwait

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) received the bidders proposals for the project, Construction of Injection Flowline Works in North Kuwait. Eight bidders has submitted the proposals. Kuwait based Construction firm, Mechanical Engineering and Contracting Company LLC has submitted the lowest bid. Mechanical Engineering and Contracting Company LLC submitted the price of KWD 36.7 million (USD 120 million). As part of the project, the successful contractor will construct the Injection Flowline Works in North of Kuwait.

27 May, 2022

Largest petroleum research centre to be built in Kuwait

Kuwait plans to start building the world's largest petroleum research centre by the end of 2022. The centre, to be built in al-Ahmadi, south of Kuwait City, will have 28 laboratories. It will seek to develop improved production and refining techniques that can be used by the industry for different applications including the extraction of heavy crude and non-associated gas.

25 May, 2022

$119.7m contract signed in Kuwait

Combined Group Contracting (CGC), Kuwait announces in a statement that it has signed the contract for Maintenance and Repair Services Of Pipelines for Gas Management Assets. The value of the contract is KWD 36.6 million (USD 119.7 million). The project was signed with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). The duration of the project is five years.

24 May, 2022

Three major road development projects await budget approval in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport revealed 3 major projects are underway to develop highways within the urban area, but awaiting the budget approval to start their own procedures. The three development projects are the Fourth Ring Road, the Fahaheel Expressway, and the third phase of the First Ring Road, all of which are related to solving the problem of congestion in the interior areas and facilitating the movement of traffic.
The rate of completion in roads and intersections project for the city service of Al-Mutlaa is nearing 84.3%, which is more than the specified rate by 2.4%. The project includes developing the existing Abdali Road and increasing lanes from 3 to 5 in each direction with the construction of infrastructure and services networks, as well as the construction of a multi-free intersection bridge floors with Al Mutlaa City, a tunnel for cars under the new road and a pedestrian crossing. 

19 May, 2022

St. Regis Hotels on track to transform Kuwait hotel

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts has completed the first phase a of an extensive, three-phase transformation that will see two of the three towers currently occupied by Sheraton Kuwait Hotel reimagined under the St. Regis brand. The first phase of the transformation introduces The St. Regis Kuwait to the city with its collection of newly debuted refurbished guestrooms and suites. The third tower will remain home to the historic Sheraton Kuwait Hotel. Both brands are part of Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s extraordinary portfolio of 30 hotel brands. The 102 guestrooms and suites at The St. Regis Kuwait feature timeless design and modern technology. All guestrooms and suites enjoy the signature St. Regis Butler Service, providing around-the-clock anticipatory service that ensures every guest’s stay is carefully considered. The next two phases of the comprehensive transformation will include the property’s public spaces, culinary offerings and recreational facilities. Plans also include an extensive makeover of the hotel’s function spaces. The St. Regis Kuwait will remain operational during this period. St. Regis continues to expand its renowned global portfolio by adding the sought-after address of Kuwait City. Following the full completion of its transformation in 2023, The St. Regis Kuwait will usher in an elevated era of luxury as the capital city’s newest best address, marked by the brand’s celebrated traditions, bespoke service, rich heritage and glamorous design.

9 May, 2022

Kuwait seeks consultant for major sewage plant project

Kuwait's Ministry of Public Works plans to appoint a consultancy for conducting integrated feasibility studies for the North Kabd sewage treatment plant project and related works. The North Kabd plant will be implemented as a public-private partnership project with the aim of raising the level of infrastructure services, meeting the state’s needs, keeping pace with urban development, treating sewage, and benefiting from treated water for agricultural and irrigation purposes. On completion, the plant will have an estimated capacity of 1 million cu m water per day to serve the residential areas and cities located south of the Sixth Ring Road - Southern Khaitan, Abdullah Al Mubarak and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh - in addition to the new areas of west of Abdullah Al Mubarak and south of the Saad Al Abdullah city. The winning bidder will also assess the project from the environment, technical and financial point of view and prepare the tender documents and obtain the necessary approvals in cooperation with the PPP Projects Authority.

5 May, 2022

Work in progress for five commercial centers in Kuwait

Ministry of Public Works is currently implementing demolishing, rebuilding and maintaining five external centers for commercial licenses. The centers will be in five different locations in various governorates of Kuwait. The Hawally Center belongs to the Hawally Governorate, Khaitan Center to Farwaniya Governorate, Mansouriya Center to Capital Governorate, Al-Dhahr Center to Ahmadi Governorate, and Al-Ayoun Center to Jahra Governorate. Each building consists of a basement, a ground floor, first and second floors, and the roof.
The ground floor will have halls to receive the clients, and the first and second floors will have the office for employees and for VIP services. Each center is of different sizes, with the largest center being the Hawally Center, and the smallest being Al-Dhahr and Mansouriya centers. The centers will be characterized by the presence of the latest technologies compared to the old one that was demolished. Display screens will be installed in the reception halls and surveillance cameras on each floor. There will be elevators in each center, and the buildings will be electronically linked via the Internet. The buildings are characterized by modern specifications such as fire and emergency systems at the entrances and exits, and electricity generators. As for the aesthetic aspect, the logo of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will be on the facades of the buildings and reflect the Kuwaiti heritage, in addition to the panels that will be in the offices of employees. The reinforced concrete floors in each building will help in the durability and warmth of the building to make them soundproof and prevent the passage of air.
Currently, excavation and reinforcement works are ongoing in the Mansouriya Center, and concrete pouring work in Al-Ayoun Center. The project is being executed under the direct supervision of the ministry’s apparatus. Also, the design aspect took into account the need for energy conservation through the facades that contain a highquality glass structure that absorbs sunlight and is characterized by a shading ratio, which helps to reflect the rays. There is also skylight in each building to provide natural lighting to a large area. For the air conditioning system, the cooling gas chosen complies with the conditions and the standards of the Ministry of Electricity and Water. Efforts have been exerted to reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution by using a thermal insulation system that works to preserve heat inside the buildings.

29 April, 2022

Bid submission underway for a power transmission linking Kuwait - Saudi Arabia

Companies are preparing to submit bids by May 16, 2022 for a contract to design and build a 400 kV power transmission tower linking the city of Wafra in Kuwait to the Fadhili district of Saudi Arabia. The project belongs to the Electricity Interconnection Authority of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which oversees the exchange of electricity between the six countries.
The list of companies that qualified for the project includes KEC International, Calpataro Energy Transmission and Larsen & Toubro, the three Indian companies, in addition to the Kuwaiti National Contracting Company, the Austrian Cegelec and the Arab Company for Construction, Kuwaiti electricity transmission lines. Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development signed a financing agreement worth 35 million dinars (equivalent to 115 million dollars) with the Gulf Cooperation Council, and it is understood that the exchange of electricity on the GCC grid is growing by about 15-20% annually.

28 April, 2022

10 contracting companies implement projects worth $17 billion in Kuwait

The projects that are being implemented by 10 contracting companies in Kuwait are worth about $17 billion. Syed Hamid Behbehani & Sons Company topped the ranking of contracting companies this year with contracts worth $3.4 billion for projects in the implementation phase, followed by two other local companies, the Ahmadiyya Contracting and Trading Company with $2.6 billion and Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi & Sons Company with $2.1 billion. The Turkish Limak Company came in fourth place with contracts under implementation worth 1.7 billion dollars, followed by Al-Ahlia International General Trading and Contracting Company in fifth place with 1.5 billion, then Al-Hani Contracting and Trading Company and Al-Ghanim Trading and Contracting Company in the sixth and seventh places respectively with 1.2 billion each. Finally, three local companies, United Gulf Contracting, Badr Al Mulla & Brothers Company, Al Ghanim and Jabour Company, ranked eighth, ninth and tenth, with contracts worth $1.1 billion each.
The most active international company is the Turkish company Limak, as it is working on its contract to build the new terminal at Kuwait International Airport at a value of $1.7 billion, pointing out that the rest of the top ten are local contractors, which confirms the lack of international interest in the Kuwaiti market.

18 April, 2022

GMC branch to be established in Kuwait

The Ministry of Health intends to expand the scope of the work of the General Medical Center by establishing a branch affiliated with the center in the Ahmadi Health District. MOH stated that the step aims to expand the area of services provided by the KMA and eliminate centralization, in light of the increasing number of patients in the Al-Sabah Medical District, and to ensure facilitation for citizens wishing to complete their transactions easily. The center to be built will be in the Funaitees Health Center, and it will be inaugurated in the future after completing some electronic linking with the KMA in the Sabah Health District.

18 April, 2022

2.6 million dinars to develop operational airport services in Kuwait

The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation has allocated 2.6 million dinars to sign a contract for advisory services and technical and operational support with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for a period of 5 years. The DGCA has addressed the supervisory authorities regarding direct contracting with ICAO, and the Central Agency for Central Tenders has agreed after listening to the testimony of specialists, explaining that the procedures for the documentary session are being completed with the rest of the supervisory authorities to obtain official approvals. A joint strategy will be put in place to develop operational and technical services to serve the air transport market, as well as the infrastructure of Kuwait International Airport, coinciding with the establishment of the new airport T2. The DGCA seeks to make the new airport a regional air hub and to provide the highest standards of efficiency through services that ensure high levels of comfort for passengers. On the other hand, the administration addressed the regulatory authorities regarding the introduction of a project to provide an advanced guidance and control system for surface movement and a system for detecting small objects on runways.

19 April, 2022

$24.19 million US army marine works contract awarded in Kuwait

The US Army in Kuwait has awarded a marine works contract to a local company with a value of around $24.19 million. The project involves marine construction and repair works and it was won by the Kuwaiti-based Gulf Construction, Marine Works and General Contracting Co. 

15 April, 2022

Mega development project award expected by Q3 of 2022 in Kuwait

Kuwait’s Council of Ministers General Secretariat (CMGS) is expected to award the license for developing four sites on the 36-kilometre Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway, which spans the Kuwait Bay linking Kuwait City with Subiya, on public-private partnership (PPP) model in the third quarter of 2022. The tender for license for the planning, planning, development, completion, operation, maintenance, utilisation and investment of the four sites, comprising North and South islands and North and South Banks was issued on 26 September 2021. The bid submission deadline has been pushed from 17 March to 16 June 2022. The license award is expected by end of third quarter of 2022.
The successful company will undertake the design, financing, execution of the infrastructure and the facilities across the four sites totalling approximately one million square metres (sqm), followed by operation and management period of 35 years. The areas available for development in each site
635,913 sqm of the Southern bank
282,355 sqm of Southern Island
283,358 sqm of Northern Island
565,504 sqm of Northern Bank
The commercial prospects include retail, hospitality, health, wellness, food and beverage, and serviced apartments, with the objective of transforming the areas into local and regional attraction with entertainment, social, cultural and sports venues. The bidder, local and foreign, will need to demonstrate its experience in developing, managing or operating mixed-use real estate developments and the completion of at least one similar comparable development not less than 50,000 sqm during the last seven years. The project is slated for completion by end of 2026.

15 April, 2022

14 government projects to be completed soon in Kuwait

The construction projects sector in the Ministry of Public Works is racing against time to complete 14 government construction projects to contribute to advance the development and achieving the state’s strategic plan in accordance with Vision 2035.
The combined value of these projects is estimated at 495 million dinars topped by the New Maternity Hospital project, which is one of the projects in the development plan, and aims to provide high-quality healthcare through the quality health services program for citizens and residents according to international standards, by increasing the clinical capacity of government hospitals, since it is considered as one of the environmentally friendly projects, and was designed according to the latest international regulations and codes.
The list of projects being implemented includes the project to establish parking lots for the Institute of Judicial Studies and the Criminal Evidences Department, the Hawalli Courts Complex and renovating the Minors Affairs building, as well as the project to establish five commercial centers affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Juvenile Care Homes building and the Ministry of Awqaf building. The list also includes the construction of the General Administration of Facilities Security, the General Administration of Criminal Investigation, the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate building, the National Security Agency building, the central market of Granada suburb, and the Financial and Administrative Affairs building of the Ministry of Interior
The ministry has already received three projects, including the primary ones — the Ministry of Awqaf, Hawalli Courts and Criminal Investigation, while two other projects are currently being received and they are the National Security and Granada Market, as well as two buildings from the five centers project of the Ministry of Commerce. The sector has a number of projects ready to be offered, including the Juvenile Court Building, the Northern Audit Bureau Building and other projects that are currently being prepared.

15 April, 2022

Work started on $250 million Economic Zone project in Kuwait

Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) has started work on its planned 7-square-kilometre Wafrah Economic Zone in Southern Kuwait. Design of the $250 million project is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022. The design consultancy contract, worth $2.64 million, was awarded to Arab Engineering Consultant in January 2022. The scope of work involves the design of economic zone including industrial facilities, mixed-use buildings and infrastructure.
The project is slated for completion in the third quarter of 2025. Al Wafra is among the three economic zones planned by KDIPA to create commercial gateways between Kuwait and the Gulf states, according to the Authority’s website. The Zone is located 65 kilometres southwest from Kuwait Metropolitan Area and on the route to Saudi border crossing.

12 April, 2022

USD 5.1 million tender approved for power station equipment in Kuwait

The Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Company declared that the board of the Central Agency for Public Tenders approved a tender for service of the ministry of electricity and water at a value of KD 1.5 million (USD 5.1 million). The the tender envisages installing workshops equipment, supplying raw materials to the South Al-Zor Station for generating power and desalinating water.

8 April, 2022

KD 7.4 million worth contracts signed for schools in Kuwait

The Ministry of Education is in the process of hiring security guards after getting approval from the Audit Bureau. The ministry got approval from the concerned authority for its request to contract with a security and safety company to provide security personnel for schools in the Farwaniya and Al-Asimah educational districts. The Audit Bureau agreed to contract with the two winning companies after the approval of the regulatory authorities, with a total amount of 3.4 million dinars for schools affiliated with the Farwaniya Educational District, and about 4 million dinars for educational schools in the Capital for a period of 36 months, provided that the rules for preparing general budgets and the final account are adhered to. The guard contracts for the capital and Farwaniya educational districts ended on March 31, and were extended until the contracting procedures for the new bids were completed, noting that the contracts for the schools of the Ahmadi and Hawalli educational districts are under study by the Audit Bureau and awaiting approval from the Ministry of Finance.

6 April, 2022

Contract signed to build a dry fuel plant in Kuwait

Ministry of Finance has agreed to contract with the Kuwait Cement Company (KCC) to establish a plant to convert Municipal solid waste into dry fuel to be used in the furnaces of cement production plants, provided that the company bears all the financial costs related to the establishment, operation, and maintenance of the factory. The factory should be established in accordance with Article No. 17 of Law No. 105 of 1980 regarding the state property system, within the landfill site in Mina Abdullah, where waste is currently dumped and designated for the Municipality.

6 April, 2022

Deal signed for KD 36.8 million construction contracts in Kuwait

Combined Group Contract Co. (CGC) announced signing a joint contract with ALARGAN National General Trading and Contracting Company, owned by Al-Argan International Real Estate Company, worth KD 36.8 million dinars (about USD 125.12 million) to execute a project in Jaber Al-Ahmad City in Kuwait. The contract includes the implementation of engineering design, supply and construction work in the Investment Opportunity Project proposed by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW). The objectives of CGC are to carry out general contracting works, mechanical works, water and sewage works, sanitary engineering works, construction works of buildings and roads, and invest financial surpluses in portfolios and funds managed by specialized companies and entities. 

6 April, 2022

Key road project nearing completion in Kuwait

Afcons Infrastructure, a subsidiary of leading Indian engineering and construction group Shapoorji Pallonji, has announced that its South Surra Road Project in Kuwait is at a substantial completion stage. This key infrastructure project facilitates unhindered access to one of the largest single-bodied government hospitals in the region - the Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Hospital, located close to the Ministry Zone. As the first Indian organisation to execute an infrastructure project in Kuwait, Afcons has displayed exemplary engineering skills in construction of interchanges, roads, troughs, signalised intersections, pedestrian bridges, and, probably, Kuwait’s longest storm water detention tank. The project has clocked in 18 million safe man hours, and, has registered several engineering benchmarks in the region.

31 March, 2022

KD 5.8 mln contract awarded to upgrade export pier in Kuwait

Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Company (HEISCO) announced winning a bid of a contract offered by Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) with a value of 5.8 million Kuwaiti Dinars (KD) (USD 19.14 million). The 24-month contract aimed at upgrading the north pier at Ahmadi refinery to facilitate export of crude oil and hydrocarbon products.

30 March, 2022

Public tender to be floated for scrap storing yard in Kuwait

Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC) intends to put up for bidding a piece of land measuring 40,000 square meters in Naayem. The company recently announced its plan to float public tender number 1/2022 for those interested in investing in its Naayem site, which is currently used for storing scrap cars. The bidding will be done according to special conditions and specifications set forth in the Conditions Booklet, including the initial auction price. The specified activity for the site is storing scrap cars, while the bidding is open for companies and citizens.

28 March, 2022

Finance agreement signed for GCC Electricity Interconnection in Kuwait

A Loan Agreement was signed in Kuwait Fund Headquarters between (Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority) GCCIA (and Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, whereby The Kuwait Fund will provide a Loan in the amount of 35 Million Kuwaiti Dinars (equivalent to about USD115.5 Million), to participate in the financing of the Development of the Gulf Cooperative Council Electricity Interconnection System and Connecting with the South of Iraq Network Project. The Project will have significant technical and economic benefits. It will increase the capacity and efficiency of the electricity networks of the member States of the Authority. The State of Kuwait will be one of the largest beneficiaries of the project. The capacity supporting the electricity grid in Kuwait will increased by approximately 2,500 megawatts. This will increase the supply and operational efficiency of the Kuwaiti electricity grid. The project will also have benefits for the network in southern Iraq, where it will be equipped with a reliable electricity capacity of 500 megawatts. The Project aims to meet part of the electricity demand for and improve the performance and stability of the electricity grid in Iraqi and it will also contribute to reinforcing the internal GCC-Interconnection Network and increase their reliability to ensure the sustainability of electricity at all times. The Project will also contribute to the achievement of a number of sustainable development goals, including, the third (Good Health and well-being), the fourth (Quality Education), the seventh (Affordable and clean energy), the eighth (Decent work and economic growth), the ninth (Industry innovation and infrastructure), the eleventh (Sustainable cities and communities) and the seventeenth (Partnership for the goals).
The project consists of the construction of a new connecting plant with the Gulf connecting system in Al-Wafra city of the State of Kuwait on an area of about 62,000 square meters and the extension of 500 kv dual-circle transmission from the Al-Wafra station to Al-Faw city station in southern Iraq with a length of about 295 kilometers. The project also includes the supply and installation of cutters, electrical reactions and measurement and control systems for the construction and expansion of conversion stations in the cities of Al-Wafra, Al-Fathaili and Al-Faw. The project also includes the addition of new electrical installations to strengthen the network connected to Al-Wafra station to enable it to absorb electrical capacity of approximately 2,500 MW as well as to strengthen the grid in southern Iraq associated with Al-Faw station to enable it to absorb an electrical capacity of at least 500 MW. The Project will also consist of consultancy services for the preparation of environmental and social studies and supervision of implementation. The Kuwait Fund Loan referred to represents the first loan provided by the Fund to the Interconnection Authority GCCIA, for the Gulf electrical interconnection system and connecting with the southern Iraq network. The Fund also intends to provide a second loan to finance the project under the terms to be agreed in the second Loan Agreement.

21 March, 2022

Kuwait studying the water link with Saudi Arabia

Kuwait has not concluded agreements currently to provide water connectivity with neighboring countries. However coordination is underway with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the issue of the bilateral water link between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait which is being studied. Consultations are ongoing to increase the water storage capacity in future in separate areas of Kuwait, and they will be implemented as soon as they are completed. 

18 March, 2022

Ground broken on new logistics & crafts facility in Kuwait

S2 for Development of Lands and Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Agility Public Warehousing, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, broke ground on South Village, the new logistics and crafts area in Sabah Al Ahmad City, in Kuwait. The project was awarded to S2, one of the largest private owners and developers of warehousing and light industrial parks in the Middle East, by Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) in September 2021. As per the deal, S2 will develop the first integrated logistics, crafts and services area in South Village, using world-class standards and deploying the latest technologies in a commercial and crafts area of 1.28 million sq m.

17 March, 2022

Work nearing completion on Seventh Ring Road in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport revealed that the construction, completion and maintenance of roads and intersections on the Seventh Ring Road are 95 percent. The project is expected to be handed over at the end of 2022. Development work on the Seventh Ring Road which the authority is close to completing includes the development of the road linking Fahaheel and Kabd with a length of 21.8 km, and the development work includes 7 intersections serving the nearby areas.
The project is part of the regional road network, linking Fahaheel Road with the Al-Salmi Road, and work is under way to speed its completion and handing over. The road was designed with 6 lanes, in each direction, in addition to an additional lane for future expansion, with the provision of truck parking and pedestrian bridges that aim to serve the people living in the nearby areas on the road.

17 March, 2022

Tender issued for 44 drilling rigs in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has requested the supply of 44 drilling rigs from specialized international companies for a period of five years. KOC proposed two internal tenders to request drilling rigs. The company proposed the first tender for the supply of 24 drilling rigs of 1,500 and 2,000 horsepower. The second tender was proposed to order 20 small drilling rigs of 750 horsepower for drilling oil wells and shallow water.
KOC has set May 30 2022 as the last date for the submission of bids from specific companies pre-qualified to participate. A preliminary meeting will be held on March 16 2022 to respond to the contractors' inquiries, given that March 21, 2022 will be the last date to respond to inquiries. The demand for drilling rigs coincides with the directions of KOC to increase the production of crude oil and gas during the coming period, in preparation for the gradual increase of sustainable production capacity of crude oil to 3.2 million barrels per day in 2025, and then to 3.55 million barrels of oil per day.

15 February, 2022

Services contract awarded in Kuwait

ILF Consulting Engineers announced that it has signed an exclusive engineering and project management consultancy services contract in Kuwait. The Project was awarded by Wafra Joint Operations (WJO), Kuwait. As per the contract, ILF will deliver the entire range of engineering, consultancy and project management services required in upstream facility projects – from early concepts to FEED, all the way to Owner’s Engineering services, supervision and PMC services. ILF’s competence will be required for field redevelopment activities as well as for the upgrade, revamp and modernization of oilfield infrastructure by applying state-of-the-art engineering technologies and considering environmental and climate protection targets. ILF looks forward to supporting WJO in achieving its ambitious objectives in a challenging market environment.

2 February, 2022

Work in progress for water transport project in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport is racing against time to complete the project of supplying and installing pumps and constructing pipes to transport water to the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources tanks to solve the problem of rainwater collecting in the residential city of Sabah Al-Ahmad, a project that was launched in April 2021 at a cost of 4.8 million dinars – the project that is expected to temporarily solve the problem of water accumulation in the area. 75 percent of the project has been completed so far. The project also includes the installation of a number of suction pumps, as well as triple-treated sewage water, to carry into the PAAAFR tank over an area of one square kilometer and can accommodate one million cubic meters of water. The authority is currently waiting to obtain municipal licenses to build the pump rooms, their own buildings, and then connect the electricity and operate them directly. These procedures are expected to be completed within two months, and after the operation, all the surrounding water-filled lakes in the city will dry up.

1 February, 2022

2 tenders to be launched for water injection system in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) intends to launch two tenders for the installation of a high-pressure water injection system in assembly centers No. 29 and 30. The project is one of the important projects within the assembly centers. It is aimed at raising the production and increasing the life span of reservoirs. They explained that the assembly centers No. 29 and 30 operate with a capacity of 100,000 barrels per day of oil and 60 million cubic feet per day of gas in each facility. The seawater and the produced water coming out from the reservoir injection operations in the collection centers are used to ensure the best results are obtained from water injection. The daily rate required in each injection well is calculated on a quarterly basis. The requirements of future fields are constantly increasing to contribute to reaching the strategic goal. Also, the northern field is regarded as one among the most important fields that will contribute to achieving the strategic goals of KOC. In order to increase oil production in the next few years, there are many requirements to continue managing and injecting water associated with production so that the capacity of oil reservoirs are enhanced. KOC has succeeded in operating a project to inject water coming from the assembly centers with an operational capacity of 500,000 barrels per day. The company is working on a similar project with the same capacity in the fields of North Kuwait to ensure compliance with international standards for water quality.

24 January, 2022

15 new fuel stations to be built in Kuwait

The Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) intends to build 15 new fuel stations as part of the project to build 100 fuel stations that the country intends to implement to cover the urban expansion in the country, especially in the new residential areas. KNPC has completed the preparation of the engineering designs for the new stations. The necessary approvals are being obtained from the competent government agencies, after which the procedures for offering and then implementation will be initiated. The construction and operation of these stations is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of the 2025/2026 fiscal year. The company recently opened 18 new fuel stations, the last of which was in the residential city of Sabah Al-Ahmad. It has divided the distribution of the 100 stations into five main packages as follows: 
The first phase – 18 stations which were completed in December 2021
The second phase – 15 stations
The third phase – 25 stations
The fourth phase – 16 stations
The fifth phase – 26 stations
The construction process for all five phases is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of the 2027/2028 fiscal year. The new KNPC stations are characterized by a contemporary architectural style that simulates international stations and reflects the civilized face of Kuwait. Each station will contain mini markets, a car wash and service center, as well as ATMs. The new stations are equipped with a renewable energy system that accounts for approximately 30 percent of the station’s electricity consumption.

21 January, 2022

KD 13.2 million contracts awarded for ground cables installation in Kuwait

ElSewedy Electric's subsidiary, Egytech Cables have signed two new contracts with a value of 13.2 million Kuwaiti Dinars (approximately LE 686 Million) for the supply, installation & maintenance of 132 kV ground cables for supplying the main substations 132/11 kv of (N6&N10) regions for El Mutlaa Residential City. The project will contribute to providing electricity to the Al-Mutlaa residential city, one of the important projects that the Public Corporation for Housing Welfare is currently implementing for development and modernization. EGYTECH Cables contract includes the design, supply and installation of the entire project on a turnkey basis for 132 kV cables, provided that it will be commissioned within 18 months. The contract was signed on January 19, 2022.

18 January, 2022

Bids under evaluation for 3 infrastructure tenders in Kuwait

The Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works has issued decisions to form committees to study bids for three tenders related to infrastructure improvement works in the areas of Surra, Qurtoba and Yarmouk. Each committee will have nine specialists from the ministry, with each evaluating the bids received from the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) and referred from the procurement committee in the ministry. The committee will submit an integrated financial study and submit its own recommendation within two weeks of the formation of the committee.
The three tenders are part of the 11th phase of the country’s infrastructure development plan. It includes replacing the sewage and rainwater drainage networks and many other services in each area with the aim of raising their efficiency and improving their performance. The three tenders were supposed to be included in the budget for the current fiscal year of 2021/2022 to end in the 2023/2024 fiscal year, but the offering procedures were delayed due to the exceptional circumstances in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of liquidity during the last period. The total estimated budget for the three tenders, according to the ministry’s previous plan, amounted to about KD 60 million, of which KD 15 million is for the renewal of infrastructure in Yarmouk area, KD 20 million for Qortoba, and KD 25 million for Surra area, each of which is distributed over a period of three years, which is the period for the execution of each tender after it is awarded.

17 January, 2022

Jazeera launches operations at VIV Terminal in Kuwait airport

Kuwait-based low-cost carrier Jazeera Airways has announced the launch of its operations at  the VIV Terminal at Kuwait International Airport. The VIV, which is being operated by Jazeera Airways, is the first private terminal experience in Kuwait offering privacy and exclusivity in a luxury setting when departing and arriving. Services are presently available for departing and arriving passengers travelling on airlines operating from Terminals 1 and 5 and for general aviation and private jets. It will be made available to those travelling from other terminals at a later stage. The VIV Terminal enables passengers to benefit from a private check-in reception and handling services, gourmet à la carte meals, private customs and immigration area, luxury amenities, and chauffeured transportation to and from the aircraft in a BMW 7 series limousine. The VIV facility comprises two private suites and a large lounge. The VIV Terminal is the perfect start and end to a business trip or holiday getaway. We make the travel journey easier and faster by ensuring that all airport procedures are taken care of without having to go to any public terminal. The VIV Terminal staff take care of checking in guests, collecting their baggage and catering to their needs while they wait to depart. As well as food and beverages we offer exclusive products from duty free brought to the lounge. When arriving in Kuwait, guests are greeted at the aircraft and chauffeured to the Terminal where they can relax while waiting for their baggage to be collected. The VIV Terminal services require reservation 24 hours before the time of departure or arrival of passengers.

11 January, 2022

Kuwait announces plans to build new airport in northern area

Kuwaiti authorities have given the go-ahead for the construction of a new airport in the northern part of the country. This comes following media reports last week stating that the Municipal Committee Council of the Jahra Governorate is coordinating with the Directorate- General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on allocation of a site for the construction of the new airport. Kuwait currently has an international airport located 9.6 miles south of Kuwait City, which serves as the hub for Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways. The setting up of the new airport comes in line with the studies and proposals of the fourth structural plan for Kuwait. However, the authorities did not disclose the completion date of the project nor the value of investment. Kuwait had in November last year announced plans to spend nearly $8.2 billion on 14 strategic projects aimed at developing the country's main airport. The key projects include a new terminal, T-2 that is being built at an estimated cost of $5 billion at Kuwait International Airport that can accommodate 25 million passengers per annum in addition to a third runway and a control tower. Limak Construction, a part of leading Turkish conglomerate Limak Group, is the main contractor on the terminal project, which was designed by Foster + Partners. On completion, the T2 project will be one of the most advanced and eco-friendly airports in the world and an iconic gateway to Kuwait. The other key projects include an aircraft catering building and security services project.

7 January, 2022

Tender for maintaining rainwater drainage network to be out soon in Kuwait

The Ministry of Public Works has obtained conditional approval from the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) to launch a tender for maintaining the rainwater drainage network in Farwaniya and Jahra Governorates. The validity period of the tender will be a maximum of 90 days. The tender contract is being prepared for signature by the Minister of Public Works at the earliest. 
The ministry obtained the approval of the State Audit Bureau for its contract with a local company. The contract term would be 730 days. The contract also takes into account some matters, including preparing a study of items related to previous experiences and considering the possibility of amending the conditions to include companies with experience in establishing and maintaining sewage networks, and rainwater drainage networks, as well as companies specialized in the field of tender work and abiding by the period of study of bids specified in the referral letter from the CAPT.

5 January, 2022

Design contract to be awarded for Wafra Economic Zone in Kuwait

The Kuwait Direct Investments Promotion Authority (KDIPA) has approved the Wafra Economic Zone design project at a cost of KD 799,000. The authority agreed on awarding the project to a company that offers the lowest prices and conform to the specifications as per the division of the financial value based on the technical evaluation points submitted by the Arab Office for Engineering Consultations. Wafra Economic Zone will be on par with international standards and it will be approximately 10 kilometers away from the nearest urban area. 

28 December, 2021

KD60 million infrastructure development plan under study in Kuwait

Ministry of Public Works has issued three decisions to form committees to study bids for 3 tenders for improvised infrastructure works in Surra, Qartuba and Yarmouk. Each committee consists of 9 specialists each of them to evaluate the offers and submit an integrated financial study complete with its own recommendation within two weeks of the formation of the committee.
The three tenders are part of the 11th phase of the country’s infrastructure development plan, which includes replacing the sewage and rain networks and many other services in each region with the aim of raising their efficiency and improving their performance. The total estimated budget for the three tenders, according to the ministry’s previous plan, was about 60 million dinars, 15 million dinars for the renewal of infrastructure in the Yarmouk region, 20 million dinars for the Qartuba region, and 25 million dinars for the Surra region, each of which is distributed over 3 years - the period of execution of each tender after its award.

14 December, 2021

Offers recieved for $3.5bln solar project in Kuwait

Kuwait has received an offer from private investors to build a solar power plant at a cost of around $3.5 billion. The project has a generation capacity of 5,000 megawatts (MW) and is located in North Kuwait. The Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) is studying the proposal, which was received by the Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Ministry. A group of private developers made the offer to the cabinet which referred it to the Ministry. The proposal is now under consideration by KAPP. The project would supply power in Northern areas and that it would be funded through loans from local and foreign sources after it is approved by KAPP and the government. 

21 December, 2021

Tender floated for a mega real estate project in Kuwait

The government of Kuwait has floated a tender to develop four areas along the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway that connects its capital, Kuwait City, to the north of the country and Doha, Qatar. The ongoing tender will allow companies to develop and explore zones in the Bay Island North, Bay Island South, the south bank in the Shuwaikh area, and the north bank in the Subiya region. The causeway is a landmark of the country and was inaugurated as one of the world's longest bridges.
Registration for interested bidders is open until March 17, 2022. Foreign companies may act as a bidder provided they are registered with the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Agency and the parent company is listed on the stock exchange of its country of incorporation. Kuwaiti bidders must be listed on the Boursa Kuwait or owned at least 50 % by the Kuwaiti Government, registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait. The bidder can also be a consortium of companies, but in either case the bidder shall demonstrate its experience in developing, managing or operating mixed use real estate developments and the completion of at least one similar comparable development not less than 50 thousand square meters during the last seven years .
The tender says that the bidder will have a license for the planning, development, completion, operation, maintenance, utilization and investment in the four sites. Bay Island North and Bay Island South are crossed by the causeway. The stretch that comprises all four sites is the one connecting Kuwait City to the North of the country. The causeway has two directions, one to the North, and the other to Doha. The land area available for investment is approximately 1 million square meters and that the successful company shall develop retail, hospitality, health, wellness, food & beverages, and other activities. The bidders must have an average annual turnover of not less than KWD 5 million (USD 16 million) over the past three financial years. The successful company shall undertake the design, financing, execution of the infrastructure and the facilities across all sites, including the operation and management for a duration of 35 years.“The project's objective upon completion is to transform into an attraction both locally and regionally featuring entertainment, social, cultural and sports venues, achieving viable financial returns to the Investor and the government.

21 December, 2021

Contract awarded for oil remediation in Kuwait

Vivakor, a leading developer nd operator of clean energy technologies and environmental solutions, has signed up Kuwait-based engineering and construction firm Al Dali International to remediate 500,000 tonnes of contaminated soil in Kuwait. The soil is part of a United Nations sponsored clean-up that is still ongoing from the Gulf Wars. Al Dali International Company, a Kuwait-based engineering and construction firm, will act as the general contractor and provide operational support for the project. Vivakor will provide its patented equipment and a support team to provide regular maintenance and any repair. As per the deal, Vivakor will deliver two on-site Remediation Processing Centers (RPCs) that will process 40 tonnes of soil per hour. It will also receive $20 per tonne of contaminated materials processed, plus share in certain profits associated with the clean-up.

19 December, 2021

Work in progress on 4 housing projects in Kuwait

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) is preparing to receive the projects of four contracts in Mutlaa Residential City during the first quarter of 2022. This is according to the dates of the contracts concluded with the contractors and the approved schedule for each project separately, including the project for the construction, completion and maintenance of public buildings in the N10 suburb at a value of KD 31,792,542. This project is supposed to be delivered on February 28, 2022, but there is a delay in the completion rates of the actual project works, which is only 65.31 percent now.
The second project is the construction, completion and maintenance of public buildings in the N7 and N8 suburbs, and the works of infrastructure services and public buildings in the N8 suburb at a value of KD 26 million and 950 thousand. It is supposed to be delivered on April 3, 2022, but is also considered delayed, as the percentage of work completion is only 56.64 percent now.
The third project is the construction, completion and maintenance of public buildings in the N6 and N9 suburbs at a value of Kd 37 million and 960 thousand. It is supposed to be delivered on March 31, 2022. The project work percentage has reached 81.27 percent, thereby being ahead of the schedule specified for the contractual percentage of works by 75.17 percent.
The last project is a project in the N11 suburb and the works of infrastructure services and public buildings in the main suburb center of N11 at a value of KD 28 million and 249 thousand. The current completion rate is 57.38 percent. Informed sources affirmed that PAHW, in accordance with the law, will warn contractors regarding the delays before taking further punitive actions.

19 December, 2021

Bids under evaluation for highways rainwater pump stations in Kuwait

The Ministry of Public Works and the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) held negotiations with companies that presented bids for the maintenance and operation of rainwater pumping stations for the tunnels located on highways. These negotiations were carried out during a session held to study six bids, according to what was filed in the price list for the tender. The Ministry of Public Works received the bidding documents submitted for the tender No. 285 to study them and express its opinion, as well as to submit its recommendations to CAPT within 30 days in order to choose the winning company that will carry out the necessary maintenance for these stations. The ministry will rely on them during the rainy season wherever water level exceeds the capacity of the drainage network. The scope of services includes operation, preventive maintenance, design maintenance, replacement, improvement of facilities, services, and training, and as well as improving the efficiency of the stations to reduce flooding in low places on highways and tunnels.

16 December, 2021

First phase of fuel filling station strategy completed in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti National Petroleum Company inaugurated a new fuel filling station at the southern residential district of Sabah Al-Ahmad. It is the 18th and the last station in the first phase of a strategy to build up to 100 new ones. With the opening of the new station, the KNPC has finalized the first phase of the long-term plan.
Architectural designs of the second batch of planned stations have been finalized, their construction and operation would be in the 2025-2026 period. The current number of the gas stations is 61; spread all over the country, in addition to three mobile stations, set to be replaced with fixed ones. Out of the company’s keenness on protecting the environment, KNPC equipped the new stations with solar energy panels that generate 30 percent of the whole amount of the consumed electricity at the stations.

13 December, 2021

$100m pipeline tender to be floated to connect gas facilities in Kuwait

The Kuwait Oil Company plans to float a tender for a pipeline contract (worth 100 million dollars) related to the Jurassic production facilities contracts that were recently awarded to Spetco of Kuwait and Jereh of China. Spetco and Jereh, were awarded the main contracts to build the KOC projects, known as 4 and 5. The first bid was $398.2 million, while the value of Jereh’s offer with its local partner NAPCO Kuwait was $426 million. The facility known as 4 is to be located near the Sabriya field in northern Kuwait, while facility 5 will be located less than 10 kilometers to the east of the first facility. These fields include Al-Rawdatain, Al-Sabriyah, northwest of Al-Rawdatain, Umm Naqa, Abu Dhabi, Bahra, Murat and Najma Sargelo fields, and other formations in the Jurassic fields.

6 December, 2021

Five commercial center projects to be completed in Kuwait

The Ministry of Public Works has started procedures for handing over the project to its commerce and industry counterpart in 2022. The project has now reached the hand over stage. Hawally Center and Al-Dhahr Buildings will be handed over soon and the rest will be delivered next year. The completion rate has reached 91 percent. The project was designed in accordance with international environmental standards that make it more sustainable, conserve energy inside the buildings, and the buildings are able to obtain heat during winter; thereby, increasing their efficiency.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has approved the tender for cleaning and services works for schools and ministry sites in three educational areas worth 18.36 million dinars for a period of 3 years. Tender amount for the Hawalli educational district is 5.904 million dinars, and for the Jahra educational district of 6.251 million dinars. The Central Agency for Public Tenders is expected to complete the tender procedures soon.

5 December, 2021

Work in progress on Al Shahid Park in Kuwait

Phase III of the Shahid Park (Martyrs Park) Project is 65 percent complete and expects the project to be complete by October 2022. Some wooden structures and parts from the old skating rink will be preserved and used to create an integrated three-dimensional museum for display. The third stage contains a main skating rink, a snow park, a special Skydiving corner, a trampoline game for adults and an electric cars karting track. 

5 December, 2021

Contract awarded for digital oilfield project in Kuwait

Weatherford International plc has been awarded a three-year digital oilfield contract from one of the digital leaders in the upstream industry, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), aiming to support its digital transformation strategy in North Kuwait Heavy Oil Field and for deploying its Integrated Enterprise Excellence Platform across KOC. The award also includes instrumentation, real-time monitoring, and production optimization and assurance of wells to enable KOC to optimize its production and workover plans.
The project scope will support KOC in performing heavy oil wells analysis, model tuning, well design, asset optimization, surveillance and forecasting, and integrating with different E&P applications. Weatherford will also deploy integrated planning and optimization solutions from the reservoir to export facilities at KOC’s corporate level. In addition, the integrated solution will allow KOC to leverage the full value of its existing KwIDF systems while the Integrated Enterprise Excellence Platform will enhance efficiency and support KPI tracking.