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Services & Member Benefits
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Kuwait Tenders provides you with all the business information you need. It is as good as having your own office in Kuwait with all the latest tenders, enquiries, projects, business deals and much more.

The time spent searching for a new business opportunity is limited to the time it takes to go through the extensive KuwaitTenders real time projects & tenders database. For less than the cost of an air ticket get:

  • All the business information you need all year round.
  • A unique way to reach new business opportunities in Kuwait.
  • A helpful asset to your sales force.
  • A cost-effective service.

Member Benefits

Members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete access to our detailed real time database on all projects, tenders and enquiries in Kuwait which are updated on a daily basis. (Details provided are: Project Number, Project Name, Territory, Client, Client Address, Description, Invitation Date, Post Date, Closing Date, Tender Cost, Budget, Contractors, Consultants, Tender Categories, Status, Remarks)
  • Easy to use search options.
  • E-mail notification on preferred areas of business.
  • Archive of over 13,500 projects and tenders for market research and analysis.
  • A newsletter with information on the latest business activities in Kuwait.


The annual subscription fee to KuwaitTenders is only 750 USD, which gives you unlimited access to the real time projects and tenders database information containing complete details as shown in the sample page.

If you have any problems completing our registration form, please contact our Customer Service Department on +9712-6348495 or email sales@kuwaittenders.com

Please note: we can currently only process online orders in US Dollar.

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